It happens both on MK1s and MK2s, and it is ussualy manifested by unusual behaviour of needles and leds/bulbs. It starts off as orange/black at the fuse box - fuse 36 green/red (pin 16) - fuse 61 yellow/blue (pin 10 ) - fuse 41 The instrument cluster ground is a black/blue wire in the right kick panel. The Focus MK2 instrument cluster has SMD LED lights wich are soldered onto the circuit board. Release the tripmeter reset button when TEST is displayed on the LCD. This may include, but not limited to, the voiding of Ford vehicles factory warranty. ... Hi there, Im having the similar issue. 2013 Focus, no battery issues. This article show a guide on how to remove instrument cluster for Ford Focus.Such acts are performed at ones own risk, and sole responsibility must be assumed. Unfortunatelly, every Ford Focus is prone to instrument cluster (IC further in the text) malfunctions. If you want to change the LED's you have to desolder them and solder new SMD LED's onto the circuit board. Thanks for this thread, everyone! This process repeats on and off over time. I was coming home from work and started the car to find the instrument cluster was totally off! Just wondering if anyone knows of any good suspects that would cause the battery to be drained flat in 36 hours of it being off. Time will pass and it will eventually come back on, after a couple weeks. INSTRUMENT CLUSTER FUSE LOCATION AND REPLACEMENT FORD FOCUS The instrument cluster goes off sometimes and doesn't come back on. Hi folks. Why does the instrument panel on ford focus stay lit when doors are locked and lights are off. This type of problem is diagnosed the same way as a gauge that doesn't work so you will have to check for power at the appropriate fuse and verify that the instrument cluster … If none of your dashboard warning lights turn on, including your check engine light, then it’s usually a fuse or a ground issue. Your instrument panel cluster (gauges, driver's screen / HUD) ...(IPC) aren't working - the radio will not automatically turn on if it doesn't have communication with the IPC module. I have a 2007 Ford Five Hundred with 21K miles. 2. To enter the instrument cluster self-diagnostic mode simultaneously depress and hold the tripmeter reset button then turn the ignition switch to position II or III. The car gets double locked at night, everything turns off with the exception of the LED in my USB adaptor and the LED display on the cluster. Pulled fuse 69, checked and it was fine, placed the same fuse back in, and Bob’s your uncle it’s working again! In the past I changed the green SMD LED's of my MK2 instrument cluster … The wires you're looking for at the instrument cluster electrical connector are: orange (pin 14 on the connector). Non is working. I have 2013 Ford Focus St and this morning when I start my car my dashboard is dead. Always put safety first; using jackstands, eye protection, and all other required safety measures. It's in perfect condition except for one thing. doesn't matter how long its left off for its the same story.
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