See the hand-painted teeth? Reply The custom-made polymer clay glasses? Create a slit by cutting the sock 1 inch (2.5cm) in between your thumb and index finger. Of course you should make an elephant sock puppet – a sock makes a perfect elephant trunk. Handmade Charlotte celebrates every day with DIY crafts, recipes, and ideas for creative family living. You can find figures anywhere, but the Internet has a wealth of options available at the touch of a button. This sock puppet makes sound when you open its mouth. Step 1: Mark the Place for the Eyes Put the sock on your hand to get a feel for where the mouth will be. Look around the house for an old sock to make the sock puppet. Choose a figure. Allow glue to dry completely before playing with the sock puppet turtle. An old sock; Glitter pipe cleaners UK / US; UHU glue UK / US; Pom-poms UK / US; Buttons UK / US; Burlap UK / US; Scissors; How To Make A Puppet Reindeer. Draw the lips around where your fingertips form the lips of the sock puppet. Children can create one with minimal help from an adult. |, Handmade Charlotte - Sweet Recipes + Happy Crafts for Kids, super fun DIY googly-eye hand puppet project. Teachers often have the children make sock puppets and perform for the class. 7 years ago Ok, I had to end with this fabulous rocker. I’m working on making an updated version with a card that you can record your own sound into. Push the end of the sock into a pocket between you thumb and fingers to form the mouth. Check out Kelly Anne Jordan’s step-by-step sock puppet shark project below, and learn how to create your very own super-smiley sock shark! All rights reserved. The sock can be any color you like. Put the sock on your hand to get a  feel for where the mouth will be. Glue some eyes onto the sock.Glue a small pompom just … The mouth will be created by the crease between your fingers and thumb. This fun sock puppet shark is a great project to work on with the kids, and means those lonely socks left at the bottom of the laundry basket can be put to good use once more! You can make a duck sock puppet in less than an hour with many items you already have at home. How to make sock puppets; Create. It's quick, easy, and fun! Making a Simple Sock Puppet.Find a clean sock that's long enough to cover your arm. Part 1 of 15 - How to Make sock puppets. Stick on the eyes. With a marker, mark where you want the … Once you have a feel for how you want to hold the puppet and mark where you want the eyes to go with the marker. This gal has class! © 2020 Handmade Charlotte. Show your child how to make a C shape with their thumb on the bottom to make an expressive mouth. What a great idea for a rainy day gift. Share it with us! This is a tutorial for how to create a simple sock puppet. You can even buy a pre-fab craft kit filled with fresh, clean, brightly colored socks and lots of crafty bits. Then, fold it in half. A sock can be transformed into many creatures, people or animals—as a puppet perfect for kids. You make the puppet by simple cutting a cardboard oval about the size of your palm. Just find an old sock without any holes in them. Method 1. 3 Cut the cardboard into the shape of an oval with a length of 3 inches (7.5cm) and a width of two inches (5cm). Just gather up all those random left-over crafting bits and make your own kit. Unfortunately, they were made from really worn out 1980s socks. So grab a basket and let your little one collect all the bits you need to make your very own sock puppet! Curl up the sock around the cardboard piece's edges to create a raised border. Sign up for our weekly newsletter to get the latest posts in your inbox! For a simple mouth, try using crayons or a fabric marker to draw lips. Glue the felt into place [line] Decorate you puppet! Cut the toe off the end of your sock, roll the edges around the felt covered cardboard, and hot glue in place to make your mouth. Plus, they add a lot of dimension to an otherwise fairly flat puppet. To do this, put your hand or have your child put their hand inside the puppet with fingers in the toe part and the thumb in the heel. Sock puppets are great crafts for camps, schools, and group activities as they are easy-to-make and supplies are cheap. Then fold it in half. Make a sock puppet--cut 2 small slits in the end of the sock and push a small length of elastic through the two holes and tie a knot. The sock can be any color, fuzzy or plain, with a print or without. Carefully glue the sock to the cardboard. Decorate your puppet with anything else that takes your fancy! Reindeer Sock Puppet Supplies To Make A Sock Puppet Reindeer (This post contains affiliate links.) Try to choose characters with an ambiguous identity or description, so that you can reuse them in other puppet shows. And, of course, there were sock puppets. on Introduction. You’d be amazed how easy it is to make giraffe spots. Create a raised border around the cardboard piece. There were marionettes and regular pancake puppets, a foam ball head with arms and sticks à la The Muppets. Making a sock puppet into a farm animal, such as a cow, can present the opportunity to teach children about nature, animals and farm life. INSTRUCTIONS FOR MAKING A SOCK PUPPET STEP 1: To make the simple sock puppet, a crew sock or knee sock works well. You can use just about anything around the house or you could raid your craft box to make these sock puppets A crew sock or a knee sock would work great for this! DIY Sock It To ‘Em Puppet With Hair visit Indie Berries for the tutorial. I distinctly remember a phase of my younger years when puppets were the only thing I wanted to make. It can even have stripes or polka dots! It would be fun to place the record button in the puppet… This will need to fit in your sock for the mouth. The elephant tutorial available in her book, but check out the cat tutorial on her blog (just as cute, I promise). Push the knot to the inside of the sock and put it on your hand. Attach or draw in anything else you find necessary. DIY Elephant Sock Puppet visit  Diana Schoenbrun for the tutorial. Use the felt template to trace and cut out the felt mouth. I am not going to tell you how to do this because it is entirely up to you! It can be fuzzy or plain. You can fill an afternoon crafting animals or Muppet people using your single leftover socks. Beads for eyes! Ornaments, That Smell Like Christmas and Will Warm Your Heart. This sweet puppet features a great hairdo made from hand-colored and curled paper that your child can make themselves. How to make a hand puppet: 1. Making Sock Puppets Learn how to make these cute sock puppets into a kinds of fun anima s. Making sock puppets is a great project for young girls just earning to craft. What other creatures could you create with that pile of solo socks..? Use cardboard to cut a circle and fold in half. Cut out all the necessary felt shapes for ears, nose, tongue and anything else and stick them on! When I first saw this, I thought she’d found a giraffe-print sock—but it turns out it’s just fabric paint. The mouth will be created by the crease between your fingers and thumb. Start with a clean sock. DIY Googly-Eye Sock Puppets visit Schaeresteipapier for the tutorial. Use a marker to make two dots above the seam for the eyes. DIY Giraffe Sock Puppet visit Craft Jr. for the tutorial. Apply a line of hot glue to the edges as you go. You can make the mouth for your sock puppet as simple or complex as you'd like. Take the sock off. Did you make this project? This will take your puppet from being a sock with eyes glues on to a completely personalized sock puppet. Slip the sock over your hand. Make sure that you press the sock into the edges and hold for a second. A sock puppet may consist of a sock placed over the hand. Cut four turtle legs out of felt and glue them to the sock in the space between the top of the shell and the bottom of the shell. Sock puppets are easy to make and kids will enjoy hours of play with their creations. Brilliant, simple, and super effective. This is a great craft to share with children because it is fun and easy. DIY Giraffe Sock Puppet visit Craft Jr. for the tutorial. First, decide where to put the puppet's eyes. It’s clear crafting has come a long way since 1985. Sock puppets are popular on children's televisions shows and in classrooms. It is a quick project for a rainy day and is a great way to use up old musical cards instead of throwing them out. Making a sock puppet is a perfect rainy day activity for children because it permits them to be creative and allows the fun to continue once the puppet is made. When I first saw this, I thought she’d found a giraffe-print sock—but it turns out it’s just fabric paint. Pictured at the top of the post: DIY Classic Sock Puppet; visit Babyccino Kids for the tutorial. You’d be amazed how easy it is to make giraffe spots. For something easier but just as fun, try this super fun DIY googly-eye hand puppet project. Place the top of the shell over the top of your hand and place the bottom of the shell under the palm of your hand. Cow sock puppets are fun to play with and easy to make. Find a clean sock that's long enough to cover your arm. In this video series, our expert will show you how to make your own homemade sock puppet. Just make sure to be creative and adventurous when creating your puppet. This sweet puppet features a great hairdo made from hand-colored and curled paper that your child can make themselves. Start off with the reindeer’s antlers. Any color or size will do, but adult sizes are easiest for kids to put on their hand. DIY Rock Star Sock Puppet visit Brave Turtle Creations for the tutorial. Just make sure there aren't any holes. You can paint it or cover it with felt, otherwise, leave it plain. Once you have a feel for how you want to hold the puppet and mark where you want the eyes to go with the marker. Make Sock Puppets with Easy Instructions for Kids. You will need: - a sock - buttons(or pennies or googly eyes) - a marker - something to attach stuff to your sock(hot glue  works best, although thread and needle also works well) - paper(optional) for decoration. Put your hand in the sock puppet and figure out where the mouth would be given the dimensions of your hand. Watch as Parents Magazine shows you how to make sock puppets! How to make sock puppets. But I think we’re all itching to make our own versions—to heck with pre-fab, I want to pick my materials myself. Being creative with your kids at home can be so rewarding and there is nothing quite like making something out of nothing. I also love finding crafts that you can get creative with after the craft is done—time for a puppet show! 1 May, 2019 Create.
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