CHENILLES DRAGON 1/35 PANZER IV . M1 PANTHER Mineclearing Tank échelle 1/35 par le trompettiste. Many c… The system could be used with or without tracks, and the T4 could reach 35-37mph on wheels and 20-23mph on tracks. CT Ertz. kg/cm² . The 0.50in and 0.30in machine guns from the turret were mounted in the front of the barbette, and the machine gun in the hull front was also retained. Weight: 15 tons On 6 February 1936 the Ordnance department recommended standardizing the T4 and T4E1 as the Medium Tank M1, but the Office of the Adjutant General rejected this on the grounds that the T4 was no better than the Light Tank M2, and twice as expensive. Length: 101 in (257 cm) Width: 67 in (170 cm) Height: 56 in (142 cm) Working weight: 6,730 lb (3,050 kg) See also. I am well aware, that Petroglyph, EA and Lemon Sky tried their best to make a good compromise. The mechanization of the army was promoted by General Douglas Mac… [4], List of U.S. military vehicles by supply catalog designation, List of U.S. military vehicles by model number, "M1 (Light Tank, M1 / M1 Combat Car) Light Tank - United States", "Mobile Machine-Gun Nest Carries Five Guns", Vickers-Carden-Loyd light amphibious tank, American armored fighting vehicle production during World War II,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 15 September 2020, at 11:12. Les meilleures offres pour Tank, Char M60A1 Medium Tank CORGI Ref 902 Boîte d'origine sont sur eBay Comparez les prix et les spécificités des produits neufs et … the tank was even designated as the medium tank M1 by the time. Light tanks were defined as weighing five tons or less – so they could be carried by trucks – and medium tanks no greater than 15 tons to meet bridge weight limits. Crew: 4 Medium C Oberschlesien tank Renault FT Schneider CA1 Schneider CD Six-Ton Tank St Chamond Breguet 14 Halberstadt CL II Hannover CL II/III Hannover CL II/III [ 1:48 ] Junkers J.I Short 184. Provenance : Royaume-Uni + Frais de livraison estimés (12,47 EUR) Formalités douanières et suivi international fournis. Crew: 4 Greetings, i was realy dissapointed, when i got my first medium tank rolling out of the war factory and it didn't have the shape of the iconic M1 Abrams tank. The Medium Tank is strictly a GDI main battle tank in-game, but also appears as to have been in Nod service in some cutscenes. Hull Length: 16ft 1in Author. Armament: Three machine guns Max Range: The M3 Medium Tank, also known as the General Lee or the General Grant, was used by the United States and Great Britain during World War II. Production Quantity: 1. Armament: Six machine guns Radio Equipment-Manufacturer(s) Rock Island Arsenal. Crew: 4. The only major difference between the two was that the T5 used vertical volute suspension while the T2 had leaf springs as on the Vickers. Sophie. This was about one ton lighter, at 9.6 tons, used the Christie suspension system, was entirely armed with machine guns and had sloped frontal armour. Max Speed: 40mph wheels, 25mph tracks Tier I. The design was standardized in February 1928, but its standardization was revoked in the spring of that year. Length /hull: 6.55 m. Length w/Gun? Tier II. Compared to the original medium tank, you may need to adjust the position of the model slightly, because it looks a little weird at some point Mortecha [author] Oct 3 … Le char M3 Lee est un char de combat de conception américaine utilisé par les Alliés au cours de la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Hull Length: 16ft 1in Steven Zaloga - M3 & M5 Stuart Light Tank 1940-45, 1999 Osprey Publishing (New Vanguard 33), (ISBN 1-85532-911-5). Weight: 13.5 tons The recommendation was repeated on 30 March 1939, and this time, with war in Europe looking ever more likely, the T4 and T4E1 were accepted as the Convertible Medium Tank M1, Limited Standard. World of … The T20 tested new concepts, among which a new, more compact armor, a lower silhouette because of a new engine and the revolutionary Torqmatic transmission. Right view of Caterpillar D6 Tractor, Crawler, Diesel … is a player created website for World of Tanks. [4], The M1 entered service in 1937. Allis-Chalmers Tractor, Crawler, Diesel, Model HD-7W from TB 5-9720-11, 1944. G-132: a) M1 medium tractor TD-14, b) M3 tractor crane, 2-Ton, International Harvester TD14 Gallery Edit. G49 M1 Medium tractor Cletrac Model 35. Subscribe. Le M2 Medium Tank est un char moyen de l'armée américaine produit en 1939 par le Rock Island Arsenal, juste avant le début de la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Four of the Christie-built M1931/ Medium Tank T3s had been given to the Cavalry, where they were known as the Combat Car T1. The mechanization of the army was promoted by General Douglas MacArthur (Chief of Staff of the US Army) who believed that the cavalry should have tanks for an exploiting role rather than acting in support of the infantry. "Long Tom" tracté par un "High Speed Tractor M4 ". This design was designated the T20, the first of an entire line of new mediums. Adapté par le Royaume-Uni, qui le dote dune tourelle modifiée, cette version est baptisée General Grant, du nom d'Ulysses Simpson Grant, le général nordiste vainqueur du préc… Sixteen T4s were built at the Rock Island Arsenal in 1935-36. after serial test on the T4E1, the tank was expected to make it into the production with the support of the US Cavalry who wanted to equipe the machanized units with it. The Medium Tank T4/ Medium Tank M1 was the last medium tank to use Christie style convertible running gear, and was based on the Combat Car T4, itself developed from the Christie M1931/ Medium Tank T3. M1 en action pendant la bataille d'Okinawa en 1945. Le M1 Combat Car était un char léger utilisé par la cavalerie des États-Unis à la fin des années 1930.. Après la guerre d'Espagne, beaucoup d'armées, incluant l'Armée de terre des États-Unis, réalisent le besoin de chars armés de canons et non de simples véhicules armés uniquement de mitrailleuses, rendant donc le M1 obsolète.Le M1 était le successeur immédiat du M2 Light Tank. Engine: Continental 7-cylinder 268hp In mid-1942, when the Sherman had barely entered production, a successor was already on the drawing boards, ordered by the US Ordnance Department. We are not an official Wargaming or World of Tanks website. [4] Light tanks were defined as weighing five tons or less – so they could be carried by trucks – and medium tanks no greater than 15 tons to meet bridge weight limits. 22,22 EUR. A medium-sized vehicle would be in the weight class of the M1A2 Abrams, while a large vehicle would be even bigger, retaining heavy armor to shrug off enemy anti-tank … DIMENSIONS: Combat weight: 19913kg. Ce char est parfois en effet dénommé M1921 Phase II. The Medium Tank T4 was also built at the Rock Island Arsenal, and was partly based on the Combat Car T4. - Cookies. They were tested at the Aberdeen Proving Ground, and found to be underpowered. These had the turret removed and a new barbette structure installed on the upper hull, extending out over the top of the tracks. Obusier de 155mm français "GPF" qui fut à la base de l'élaboration du "M1". There is no denying that in human years the M1 Abrams main battle tank (MBT) is certainly “middle-aged,” but thanks to a steady stream of updates the M1 Abrams has remained among the best tanks in the world. 155mm "Gun Motor carriage M40". Il devait être produit sous le nom de M1 Medium Tank mais le War Departement décidé qu'il serait uniquement utilisé comme véhicule d'essai. A mine plow (plough in British English) is a tank-mounted device designed to clear a lane through a minefield, allowing other vehicles to follow. G47 M1 Medium tractor Cat Model 35 . Armour: 1/2 to 5/8in, Help - F.A.Q. Eighteen of the nineteen tanks produced remained in use at Fort Benning until they were declared obsolete in March 1940. m. Barrel Overhang? Artillery T1 HMC T57. Rock Island Arsenal started work on a new medium tank, based on the design of the M2 Light Tank. Les événements en Europe de l'Ouest ont rapidement démontré que le M2 était obsolète, et il n'a jamais été utilisé en combat. [4] To allow U.S. Army cavalry units to be equipped with armored fighting vehicles, the tanks developed for the cavalry were designated "combat cars". The M1 Combat Car, officially Light Tank, M1, was a light tank used by the U.S. Cavalry in the late 1930s[2] and developed at the same time as the infantry's very similar M2 light tank. The T4 was a medium tank in weight only, and the turret only carried one 0.50in and one 0.30in machine guns, each in a separate mount. All M1s that served subsequently fell to enemy Japanese forces. The turret was rather ungainly in shape, with a circular rear half, and a step down to the two machine gun mountings. The T5 was developed further and the T5E2 was accepted for production as the "M1 combat car". One pilot was made soft steel, since this cost $5200 versus the $52,000 required to construct a tank out of armor plate. [5][4], The M1 was fielded by the Philippines military early on in WW2 during the Philippines campaigns of 1941-1942 when armored vehicles of all manner were needed. The rules.ini file labels the Medium tank's weapon as it as a "90mm", although the game manual states that the Medium tank has a 105mm main gun. 0. After the Spanish Civil War, most armies, including the U.S. Army, realized that they needed tanks armed with cannons, not merely vehicles armed with machine guns,[3] and so the M1 became obsolete. The National Defense Act of 1920 set tanks as the responsibility of the infantry and the general staff defined the purpose of tanks as the support of infantry units. Le prototype ne fut disponible pour les essais qu'en mai 1927. It used the same Christie suspension, with four large road wheels on each side, attached to pivoting arms that were supported on coil springs. T1 Medium Tank (M1 Medium Tank) Char moyen très similaire au M1921 développé en 1924 et assemblé à Rock Island Arsenal. The medium tank M1 never entered service with the US Army. Hull Width: 8ft 2in Tank Destroyers T56 GMC. M2 Medium Tank, char dérivé et utilisé uniquement pour des missions d'entraînement pendant la guerre 39-45; Références. m. Height : 2.87 m. Width: 2.40 m. Ground … In 1933 the Rock Island Arsenal then produced a modified … 1 Description 2 Variants 3 History 4 References The first production models of the series were the M3 Lee I and the Grant I. A change to the suspension so that the idler wheel rested on the ground ("trailing") increased the length of track in contact with the ground and improved the ride. M1-Abrams for Medium Tank. Temps restant Il reste 4 h 24 min. 0. Production: This article is about the M3 Medium Tank. Unsubscribe Description. Hull Width: 8ft 2in [note 1], In the mid-1930s, the Rock Island Arsenal built three experimental T2 light tanks inspired by the British Vickers 6-ton tank. Light Tanks M2 Light Tank T1E6 T2 Light Tank T7 Combat Car. M2A1 Medium Tank specifications: Dimensions: 17ft7in x 8ft6in x 9ft3in (5.38 x 2.59 x 2.82 m) Total weight, battle ready: 18.7 tons (41,000 lbs) Crew: 6 (commander, driver, 4 gunners) Propulsion: Wright R975 EC2 air-cooled radial gasoline 400/320 bhp: Speed: 26 mph (42 km/h) Range: 210 km at medium speed (130 mi) Armament: Main : 37 mm (1.46 in) M3 - 200 rounds Subscribed. Four of the Christie-built M1931/ Medium Tank T3s had been given to the Cavalry, where they were known as the Combat Car T1. The T4 was followed by three very different T4E1s. Height: 7ft 3in Liens externes Were you looking for the M3 Stuart? An M1 Abrams tank operated by the 4th Infantry Division prepares to load onto a trailer after a Joint Air Attack Team exercise with the 42nd Combat Aviation Brigade on May 21, 2014, near near Camp Buehring, Kuwait. The biggest technical improvement on the T4 was the use of controlled differential steering, which replaced the clutch-brake system used on earlier tanks. The Medium Tank T4/ Medium Tank M1 was the last medium tank to use Christie style convertible running gear, and was based on the Combat Car T4, itself developed from the Christie M1931/ Medium Tank T3. Height: 7ft 4in 0 enchères. The original M3 was constructed from sheets of rolled armour that was riveted together, but the turret was built using cast armour. Artillery M7 Priest T18 HMC. Date of first acceptance: February 1928 . The clutch-brake system worked OK at slower speeds, but wasn't suitable at the sort of speeds achieved by the Christie tanks. The Medium Tank M3A1 was the only version of the Medium Tank M3/ Grant/ Lee to use a cast upper hull. M1 medium tank. 1 enchère +5,50 EUR (livraison) Carro de combate … Another three machine guns were added, one in each side of the barbette and one in the rear, for a total of five 0.30in guns and one 0.50in guns. The tank seen in the picture is the uparmoured PanzerKumftwagen M1/C variant with 8mm plates placed 4cm steel away from the turret hull(to detonate HEAT, HESH … When running on wheels, a chain was connected from the final drives to the rear road wheels and the tracks were stored on the vehicle's fenders. G69 M1 Medium tractor Cat Model RD-6. In 1933 the Rock Island Arsenal then produced a modified version of the design as the Combat Car T4. [4] In 1940, the distinction between infantry and cavalry tank units disappeared with the establishment of the armored force to manage all tanks in the U.S. Army. Tank Destroyers T18 T3 HMC. It was the same length as the Combat Car, but wider and slightly higher. During the Cold War, one U.S. Army main battle tank served longer and fought on more battlefields than any other. Voici ma maquette 1/35 de Tamiya. With very tight restrictions on spending, tank development in the U.S. was limited to a couple of test vehicles a year. Armour was also quite thin, ranging from a maximum of 5/8in down to 1/4in in places. At the same time, they built a light tank similar to the T2 for the cavalry – the T5 combat car. G49 M1 Medium tractor Cletrac Model 35 ... Fuel tank: 24 gallons 750 US gal (2,800 l) gearbox: Four speeds forward, one reverse. M1 medium tank; M1 heavy tank; M1 Combat Car; M1 Abrams Tank, main battle, full-track, 105 mm gun, 58-ton . Ground pressure? Medium Tanks T2 Medium Tank. The medium tank M2 was a larger development of the M2 Light Tank. - Contact Us - Search - Recent - About Us -  Subscribe in a reader - Join our Google Group Medium tank: Weight: 30 tons: Engine: 450 hp 16 cylinder engine : Average Armor Thickness : 8in: Service Life: 10 years : The original m-1 medium (T1R1) was outfitted with an 8in naval gun and was almost 13ft in length and was designed to cross rough ground at high speed. Type: Medium Tank. Armour: 1/2 to 5/8in, Stats (T4E1) The Tank, Combat, Full Tracked, 105-mm Gun IPM1, or just IPM1, is a rank VI American medium tank with a battle rating of 10.0 (AB/RB/SB).It was introduced in Update 1.81 "The Valkyries".. Light Tanks T1 Cunningham. The main medium tank of the NRAA this 7m long monstrosity of a tank is designed to provide fire support for advancing mechanised units such as the C1 light tank or the KV-7 heavy tank. Temps restant Il reste 12 h 9 min. Production: 16 Medium Tanks Raven. "M1" Long Tom" en position de transport sur son chassis. Stats (T4) The picture is of a retrofitted T1R1 into the M-1 medium thus the absence of suspension. Le char M1 Abrams est la troisième génération de char de combat principal américain, numéroté M1. 10,50 EUR. [6], The M1 and M2 combat cars were not used in combat by the U.S. Army during World War II; though some were used for training purposes. Burstyn Tank Fiat 2000 Frot-Laffly Landship Mendeleev Tank Pilsudski "Tank" Laffly 80AM Armoured Car Vickers Mark E Lancia 1ZM Armoured Car WZ-34 Armoured Car. Neuf. Alberto Perilli. M1 Medium Tank. T1E1 Light Tank … Neuf. The mine plow is still in use by many Combat Engineer units. However, because the transmissi… Production was 18 M2 tanks, and 94 slightly improved M2A1 tanks, for a total of 112. G21 M1 Medium tractor Cat Model 30. GENERAL DATA: Other Designation(s) T1 or T1E1. The National Defense Act of 1920 set tanks as the responsibility of the infantry and the general staff defined the purpose of tanks as the support of infantry units.
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