... Sri Yantra Ring Sree Yantra Mahameru Adjustable Ring - A4510. WMG41 ", "As per your recommendation I ordered Mangalmaya-J around 15 days back and experienced positive changes in my career.Thanks for the guidance.Regards,Niteesh", "I ordered 2 Mahamrityunjaya Copper Locket Yantras and I am glad made the right choice by ordering from Rudraksha Ratna. WBGP18 WMG07 WRG08 My life has changed drastically. WBGP01 WSGP10 But I had no time to tell you about this till now. MHS26 WSSP01 UK and Australia WMS07 WRS16 MRS14 2 MHG29 MHG23 WMG12 In the last years I had placed some orders on other websites in India, regarding puja, etc; and from my personal experience I can tell that after ...", "I recently purchased this ring and received it about a week ago, i am not sure if it is the ring or me or whatever it is, i am finding that people are drawn to me more than ever and some with various problems. $49.95 $ 49. WHG24 WSSP16 Why Ganesha has elephant head? 1.5 months back purchased 3,9,13,14,17 mukhi nepal beads and 15 mukhi java bead & one spatik meditation cap from rudra centre, mumbai...in only 15 days most of, I am blessed! MRS04 MMG15 MHG20 Satyanarayana Swamy Vratham God Vishnu Copper Coin. WBGP30 MMS30 I started wearing it today and upon placing it on my arm, I immediately felt lightheaded and my heart was racing. BBG01 I felt uncomfortable and often fell sick. I received it as you know on 14 May 2018 and I put it in immediately. WMG40 WMG08 Early Marriage Altar-Shighra Vivah Yantra, Vishnu Pendant Prosperity Tulsi Japa Mala Beads Prayer Necklaces VedaMalas. Select ... Ring Smart Home Security Systems WHG17 WMG28 This beautiful Shree Vishnu Yantra Ring made in 100% pure heavy copper with Shree Vishnu Yantra on top and Lord Vishnu at the back can be worn to achieve success, wealth, health, relationships and greatness. WBSP19 MRS38 WRS20 It was Rudraksha Ratna website which got me attracted to rudraksha. MHG24 This blessed and energized ring is adjustable as per your requirement. BBS08 WMG20 MRG37 WMS10 WBSP16 Thank You! WHS19 WHS11 WMG48 WSGP08 WMG11 Bindu, the eight-petalled lotus, lotus with sixteen petals and bhupur are symbols of Shiva. WSSP11 WMG19 7 MHS13 WHS05 WRG31 WHS01 WBGP21 BSG07 We thus bring these sacred items with usage as per ancient wisdom so that you derive full benefits. WMS42 Rajarajeswari Lalita Tripura Sundari Copper Coin. WSSP04 Worshipping of this yantra blesses and with the blessings of Goddess laxmi and Lord Vishnu. BSS03 By Neel N October 11, 2019. WSGP18 BSS01 and since. Located in Boca Raton, FL. We are waiting for Lord Ganeshas Blessing and Miracle. MRG40 Kirill Aleksandrov", "Thanks for the response. Your packaging , preparations of products and your products are all so neat , well done , professional and spirituality superlative. 18 | +91-9326881243, Search our Knowledge base MMG24 Many thanks, Jasdeep", "Thank you for your very efficient service. BBG06 26 WBSP24 highly spiritual !!! I am taking steps to work on my own terms with the existing company or to start a new business whichever materialises as I have already put m my foot down to be dictated with the confidence I ...", "The siddh kavach has undeniable energy. MRS15 WRS09 Shree Vishnu, consort of Lakshmi and the second god of the Hindu trinity, is the preserver. 9 WMG47 4 WSSP19 WRG26 Shop with us knowing that all items are selected with love and care and due diligence. I also liked the Yellow Gold Citrine pendant, made it very strong and nice. WHG14 There are some steps of using the Vishnu Yantra, they are as follows: Place the Yantra facing north or east direction. WBSP14 The shipping cost is very high 2. BBG15 MRG01 Today, I have received a promotion from my office. WMS13 WBSP20 Tortoise ( Turtle) also acts as an aid in Vaastu Correction and it is believed to be a powerful ring which is blessed by Lord Vishnu. My confidence increase,I love myself more and I look at people with more love too. WMS47 BSG15 WHS09 MMS18 WMS32 She really got impressed by its stunning beauty. MRG42 WRS29 MRG10 These two Mantra can be chanted for the removal or destruction of enemies. MMG16 WHG11 Your words bring blessing and happiness to us. WMS04 BBS19 WHS26 BSG09 ", "Namaste ma'am, very few are blessed with capabilities and enlightenment that you possess and therefore I congratulate you for effectively and accurately guiding people suffering from different ailments on emotional, psychological, spiritual, and metaphysical plane. MMS05 5 Thank You for every rudraksha, every incense stick, for every drop of an aroma oil. WSSP07 WBSP22 contact@chakrayog.com. Thanks for the help and support in choosing the best stone for me. Packing was very nice. Silver BBS18 WSGP20 MMG02 MMS19 WBGP34 After reading through its benefits I decided to try it. MHS17 Global shipping available. WBSP18 Vishnu Bhojapatra Yantra. Shri Annapurna Stotram is a beautiful Stotra composed by Adi Shankaracharya. The translation of this Vishnu mantra means, “I bow to the Lord who resides in the hearts of everyone”. MRG25 WHG15 WBGP20 Copper is used as it conducts electrical energy as well as divine energy signatures. WBSP26 On the recommendations from Rudraksha Ratna, I wore a red coral gemstone and a pearl. MMG03 WRS19 WMS28 The Blue Sapphire has enhanced my vision and see myself being more trusting towards life. WMS05 i practice chanting the GAYATRI MANTRA and the SHIVA mantra daily.i can feel at time that my body is feeling very light and floating and serene. MRS16 After experiencing this, I can say that shopping at your website is a pleasure. | +91-9321011323, For Order Related Enquiry: WBSP27 The Yantra described in this post is a devotional and Satvik Yantra for the worship of Vamana Dev. What does ‘Ganesha’ mean? WHS16 !”", "After my wife wore her pearl and emerald, she easily made decisions without worrying too much. MMG34 Ancient sages called Shree Yantra the Cosmic blueprint or map of the Universe. I am repetitive customer, have been buying from your site since 2008. Thanks, vikas", "I was very circumspect to place an order from your website. MMS16 WMS37 WHG25 WBSP01 Vishnu yantra is worshipped to appease lord Vishnu and to get His blessings. 21 BBS17 MHG15 A Yantra is a small, high-powered, divine energy machine. MHS11 WHG28 Because of its nine triangles, Shri Yantra is also known as the Navayoni Chakra. WHG21 Very Cost effective too. I did receive my order long time ago. WMG24 WMS44 Recommendation for promotion with a very good salary increment came at a higher level in the month of February. / MRG29 I am not the person who usually writes Testimonials unless I am very sure something was truly good, beneficial, and provided results as expected. MRG02 Gold, Gender ", "Dear Rudraksha Ratna,I just write this to show my compliments for the way you are handling orders; in terms of fast, accurate, and advising the client according to his case. Get exclusive offers you won’t find anywhere else straight to your inbox! MRS39 MMG27 WMG06 WHG16 Initially I dont feel any change. But I could not stop myself from writing to you for the striking beauty of the product.Frankly speaking, I did not expect the product to be so exquisite which far exceeded my expectation. Brahma creates everything in this universe, Vishnu preserves or sustains it, and Shiv ultimately destroys it. He himself and his Krishna avatar have worn it. MMS11 MMS28 WRS30 WMG26 WSGP07 WBGP35 I am very pleased with my purchases. WBGP12 Goddess lakshmi is the wife of Lord Vishnu. 15 MHS22 Your good deed helps me to remember myself, and helps my friends to live better. Star of Vishnu Sacred Temple Serpents Luck Ring TempleStarTradingCo. Thanks for the nice packing and delivery on time. I touched it on my forehead and felt its power. After your guidance I ordered and started wearing the Supreme Kavacham. WHG02 WRS18 MHG16 MMS17 I am actually consideri...", "I have been very grateful to RR team for over many years in helping me showing the path towards devotion of Lord Shiva. It helps the wearer to attain success in competitive examinations. WRG12 Vidyavihar West, Mumbai- 400086, INDIA, ADD/EDIT/KNOW YOUR ORDER STATUS: MRS26 FREE Shipping. BSG12 WRG22 WHG09 WSSP18 From shop ekekocrafts. ", "I must say, all the products i orderd till date came neatly packed. BBS23 WRG21 WSGP03 SRI YANTRA RING sacred geometry jewelry gold brass statement ring indian tribal ethnic large triangles geometric new age yoga spirit BR10 ekekocrafts. MMG05 WRG32 This Copper Sriyantra Locket is Genuine and Top quality .We believe in Long term business . I should mention that it was by Lord Shiva’s blessings, I came across your site and got the opportunity to wear the authentic, powerful rudrakshas, whose effects are almost instant. MRG04 95. Regular. WBGP19 On top of all that, the items are blessed by you and my customers are so pleased I can bring Rudraksha Ratna offerings to Southern California. Difference between the ascetic’s paduka {foot ware} and the toe ring. This beautiful Shree Vishnu Yantra Ring made in 100% pure heavy copper with Shree Vishnu Yantra on top and Lord Vishnu at the back can be worn to achieve success, wealth, health, relationships and greatness. BSS10 Chandran, Singapore", "Namaste,Thanks.The power bracelets are really working well. BSS06 'Anna' means food or grain and 'poorna' means complete. BBS03 MRS21 WMG32 WBSP15 I have decided, i will be regular customer at your website. BBS26 WBGP24 WRS05 This has been discussing over last two months and I was awaiting written confirmation. The Sudarshana Chakra is generally portrayed on the right rear hand of the four hands of Vishnu, who also holds a shankha, a Gada and a padma. MHS27 WMS46 WHS03 MMS27 BSS08 WBSP36 Thank you Rudraksha Ratna! I am glad to see the Rudraksha Beads, all beads are very nice, clean and great packaging material. WRS24 KEEP IT UP...", "Thank you I've received holy rudraksha beads and I've noticed very nice fragrance coming from them I assume it's a sandalwood. WMG17 WBSP30 Yesterday we called Pundit Ji and he prayed for us on the phone and made us hear the Shankalpa prayers. WRG29 Click on Why Buy From Rudra Centre. WBGP03 WRS21 WRG01 Vishnu Bhojapatra Yantra. MRS36 WMG02 MHG28 MHS24 WSGP17 WHG12 MHG18 Why do we not touch papers books and people with the feet, Why do we prostrate before parents and elders, Why does Lord Shiva have Moon on His head. MRS27 WMS18 What does Ganesha’s body symbolize? WRG06 This beautiful Shree Vishnu Yantra Ring made in 100% pure heavy copper with Shree Vishnu Yantra on top and Lord Vishnu at the back can be worn to achieve success, wealth, health, relationships and greatness. WHS04 Posted on December 19, 2018 March 5, 2020 by [email protected] 19 Dec. Baglamukhi Yantra Ring is an auspicious, sacred and powerful Yantra ring of Goddess Baglamukhi who is the controller of this occult Yantra Ring. WRS12 BSG04 This small copper plate, meticulously inscribed with precise sacred geometry, is your key to accessing and unlocking the powers of the universe. How was Ganesha born? I just got a financia...", "Thank you very much for your blessing, prayer and comforting words. She is the consort of the Lord. I h...", "I Thankyou for everything for the bracelet and the rudraksh I am wearing in my upper arm,since wearing them I have become very confident and bold which I was never before also is about to take up a new risk. WHS08 But after 2 months now I can say that it really works, all my depression, fears and insecurities related to my life and career has vanished from my mind. WHG19 MRG03 Ekadashi 2021: All Ekadashi Names, Types, Significance, Essential Oil meaning, Its types, Benefits, Uses & Importance, Ganesh Rudraksha: Benefits, Powers and Significance, Gauri Ganesh Rudraksha: Benefits, Powers and Significance, Gauri Shankar Rudraksha: Benefits, Powers and Significance, Gem Ring Making Option in Gold-Silver Men, Gem Ring Making Option in Gold/Silver (Women), Gemstones: Properties and Benefits of Gems, Get Rudraksha Recommendation from Neeta Singhal, Goddess Saraswati: Favorite Fruits and Flowers, Goddess Saraswati: Names, Festival & Symbols, GOMED GEMSTONE: HESSONITE STONE BENEFITS, PROPERTIES & POWERS, Green Jade: Properties, Benefits & Powers, Holi Festival: Holika Dahan is on 28th March 2021. Importance of Maha Shivratri on 11th March, 2021, Importance of Maha Shivratri on 21st February, 2020, In Todays Context why should one wear Rudraksha, Latest Updates About Navratri 2021, Puja Vidhi Importance, Lord Shiva Aarti/ Shiv Puja Aarti/Benefits of Puja Aarti, Mahamrityunjay Kantha, Mahamrityunjay Mala, Mahamrityunjaya Mantra: Most powerful Healing Mantra, Makar Sankranti 2021: Significance, Story and Puja Benefits, Making Shree Lakshmi as a partner in your prosperity, Mangal Dosha: Know what it is and how it occurs, Meditation with Rudraksha and other Holy Items, Moonstone: Gemstone Benefits and Properties, Narayan Nagbali Pooja at Trimbakeshwar Temple, Natural Essential and Chakra Oils, Water and Attar & Their Usage, Navaratri the 9 divine nights of blessings, PEARL GEMSTONE: MOTI STONE PROPERTIES, BENEFITS & POWERS, Pitru Paksha Date, timing, Importance of Shradh, Popular Ganesh Mantras With Meaning In English, Puja: An ritualistic way to connect with the divine, Raksha Bandhan date, Rituals, Timing of Rakhi Festival, Rose Quartz: Gemstone Benefits and Properties, RUBY GEMSTONE (MANIK) BENEFITS, HOW TO WEAR, EFFECTS & HISTORY, Rudraksha for Health and Self Empowerment, Rudraksha recommended for various physical and mental problems, Saraswati Mantras & Puja: Chant these mantras to please Goddess Saraswati, Savar Rudraksha: Benefits, Powers and Significance, Shri Sarva Kashta Nivaran Yantraraj - The Most Powerful Yantra Combination, Significance of blowing Shankh before puja, Significance of half pradakshina around Shivlinga, Significance of ringing a bell in puja ritual, Spiritual Jewelry: the divine glitters for the divine soul, Swastika - An auspicious symbol signifying Good Luck, Well Being & Purity, The secret behind tying ‘Mauli Thread’, Tilak – Ancient Practice and Significance, Tripindi Puja Trimbakeshwar Puja at Trimbakeshwar, Turquoise: Gemstone with Healing Properties, VASANT PANCHAMI 2021: SARASWATI POOJA DATE AND TIME. India’s ancient science of architecture Vastu Shastra recommends the use of cosmic instruments (yantras). MRS22 / WHG07 BBG22 MRS19 MRS43 V...", "Rudraksha Ratna is an amazing source for top quality spiritual items. WMS27 Ugram Viram Maha Vishnum is known as obstacle remover Narasimha mantra. MRG35 I do what I want to do and speak what I want to speak. And what wonderful gifts you have sent? MMS22 MHS03 16 WBGP27 India This mantra helps to develop compassion because it reminds of the presence of godly being in every being. Rudra Centre is today a Global supplier of Rudraksha, Gemstones,Yantras and Hindu Puja items all across the world. Select WHG26 All Right Reserved | Copyright © Rudra Centre, D-319/320, Neelkanth Business Park, Oldest ISO 9001-2015 certified rudraksha organization in world, ADD/EDIT/KNOW YOUR ORDER STATUS: MMS32 WSSP13 MRS23 BBG20 WBGP17 MRS08 Within a few days, I had regained my energy and could do many more things done. WMG39 / WMS03 This Siddha Vishnu Yantra charged by Vishnu mantra. This came two-three weeks afte...", "I received all the products that you have sent me. Legacy.com enhances online obituaries with Guest Books, funeral home information, and florist links. This blessed and energized ring is adjustable as per your requirement. MMG09 MMG18 ...", "Hi As everybody i also brought rudraksha and wearing it and they are doing a great job by Supplying it all over the world. Regular, Bracelet Design This blessed and energized ring is adjustable as per your requirement. WMG04 WBGP13 WRG17 I am delighted with my Ganesha and will definitely suggest your company to my clients and friends. Shri Krishna Sudarshan Yantra/श्री कृष्ण सुदर्शन यन्त्र: Sudarshan Chakra is the weapon of Lord Vishnu. +91-88501 99897 contact@rudracentre.com, FOR PRODUCT ENQUIRY: MRS09 I am taking steps to work on my own terms with the existing company or to start a new business whichever materialises as I have already put my foot down to be dictated with the confidence I h...", "Sorry for the delay in sharing my experience with you. MMG28 MRG09 2.22 Carat Pear Cut Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring GIA F/SI1 Tapered Baguettes. Two rings of lotus petals are considered somamandaloy, "Moon mandala." Why has Ganesh one broken tooth? WBSP07 WHS23 WSSP12 The Universe has blessed me I don't know how but I came across ma'am's video on YouTube about Rudraksha. MMG06 Medium Heavy The Shri Yantra, Sri Yantra, or Shri Chakra is a form of mystical diagram used in the Shri Vidya school of Hinduism. Beneficial for property, land, land buy and sale. Beneficial for property, land, land buy and sale. "Dear Neeta, How can I thank you. We need your support telling 10 people about Rudraksha Nepal .You will remember us for quality and Authentic Copper Sriyantra Locket . WRG05 MHS12 It even looks and feels much more beautiful than what appears o...", "Dear Team Members Namaste, I have received my Order today. WBSP35 I have faith that my financial problems will eventually improve and I will maintain n peace of mind.Thank you Rudraksha Ratna ", "I should add that the muhki beads are rather like the healing we may receive by visiting a holy place. LAXMI VISHNU YANTRA. WRG33 ", "“Mahalakshmi Ratna Kavacham is the most powerful  thing I have ever come across. ", "Hello,  WMG34 US and Canada MRS24 Thank you...Rudraksha Ratna for Divine Blessings. WRS14 WRS04 Select WRS31 WMS15 MRS17 Business has expanded locally and internationally at the same time. BBG02 WMG37 WRG15 MRG19 I received Bilva Leaves and Bilva fruits on Maha Shivaratri day for the pooja, thanks a lot. BBS21 MRG26 Vishnu Suktam Chanting & Maha Vishnu Homa On Vaikunta Ekadasi - Clear Debts & Create Wealth BOOK NOW. +91-70211 80033 rrst@rudracentre.com. Legacy.com is the leading provider of online obituaries for the newspaper industry. WHG06 MHG31 WRG07 Aug 08 2020 0. MMS08 MRS05 WBGP05 The bead ds are quite amazing and a real tonic to people-like a mar...", "Thank you so much.Blessed to receive Divine Blessings from Wonderful Divine Shop Rudraksha Ratna. WHG05 WMS34 I noticed while on the plane and two days after I arrived home in the UK that I developed high fever which will come suddenly and then go. The Yantra Gayatri is: Yantrarajaya Vidmahe Mahayantraya Dhimahi Tanno Yantrah Prachodayat. MMS12 WRG35 I am so grateful to you for my beautiful Rudrashka. Thank you for sending me the product on time and with efficiency. Devotional Store. WRG28 MRS42 MMG30 MRG13 MRS32 WMS09 WRS17 WSSP02 The second day, I didn't feel like I needed to sit down and rest after taking my shower and dressing. MHS15 I bought 10 mukhi bead recently. WRG14 BBS14 MHG14 WRS35 I am so happy. MMS09 WHS18 WMG01 WMS16 MMG31 WSSP03 Worshipping of this yantra blesses and with the blessings of Goddess laxmi and Lord Vishnu.
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