Rome and surroundings

We offer an unparalleled in-depth personalized touring in the most popular destinations and those off the beaten paths in the green and scenic surroundings of Rome

You will leave your hotel, the airport or the port of Civitavecchia to take a tour to Ostia. This town was the ancient, thriving port of Rome, which went into decline during the reign of Constantine and disappeared beneath the soil transported by the wind and river following the barbarian invasions.

Gregory IV founded the current town on its site in 827. Today, thanks to the archaeological excavations begun in the twentieth century, it is an important testimony of building, organisation and private and public life in a large Roman centre. Indeed, it is possible to visit the precious mosaics of the Baths of Neptune, the Theatre, the Temple of Rome and Augustus and the forum, with the ruins of the Capitolium, the town’s most important temple, dating back to the second century BC.

Visitors who want a special, personalized and exclusive tours on any destination can confidently rely on Me. I organize all the details of every type of excursion, to meet the specific requirements of individuals and small or large groups.


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