Experience the very best of Rome by combining the following tours. We skip all waiting lines to make most of your time in Rome.

We’ll discover the authentic pleasures of Italy on a personal scale: wine tasting in breathtaking places, savoring a home-hosted lunch with an Italian family in the country kitchen of a beautiful countryside farm-house …sampling the rich regional bounty of ripe olives…trying our hands at Italian specialities in a private cooking class, open-air pic-nics at the sound of a traditional music player.

Expand your discoveries with  optional experiences that can be added and customized to any tour.

A visit to the Eternal City is a sensory feast.  Known for her spectacular ruins, sumptuous churches and stylish shops, Rome can be considered among the most visually stimulating places on earth. And although its sounds and scents are also quite strong, to those for whom the sense of taste takes precedence there is really no other place like it.

Our cooking classes and home-hosted meals take place in the country kitchen of a beautiful countryside farm-house, in the gorgeous rolling and green hills of Rome.

During 2 hours hands-on cooking lesson you will learn classic Italian cooking from a local women who will reveal you family recipes that have been passed-on  through  generations. These recipes are all true home cooking, and everything is done by hand. Get the apron on and go wrist-deep in dough as we explore the art of cooking in the Italian countryside. We savor the fruits of our labor during a festive lunch.

Join a home-hosted lunch with an Italian family in their farm and taste the flavors of authentic Italian home-made and fresh food which is produced there. Meet your hosts, warm and personable people with wonderful energy, and their innate ability to make you feel at home. They will proudly show you their private farm and olive garden before enjoying an informal family-style lunch in the panoramic terrace or inside the house.

Enjoy a typical Italian pic-nic with fresh and healthy Mediterranean food during accompanied by the sound of traditional Italian music played by an exclusive private musician in breath-taking spots.


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