Experience the very best of Rome by combining the following tours. We skip all waiting lines to make most of your time in Rome.

Expand your local discovery through a real hands-on cooking lesson for an introduction to authentic Italian recipes. Learn and enjoy step-by-step how to make a satisfying, full Italian meal from appetizers to dessert, including the art of making pasta fresca.

Avisit to the Eternal City is a sensory feast. Known for her spectacular ruins, sumptuous churches and stylish shops, Rome can be considered among the most visually stimulating places on earth. And although its sounds and scents are also quite strong, to those for whom the sense of taste takes precedence there is really no other place like it.

Part of the experience is using a real house where people live. You never truly know a destination until you've been into a locals home. It offers a unique opportunity for cultural exchange and allows a revealing glimpse into daily lives of our gracious host that is only possible in a very small group, like families and individuals.

IMG_1219.JPGOur cooking classes take place in the country kitchen of a beautiful countryside farm-house, or a cottage in the gorgeous rolling and green hills of Rome, or in a beautiful apartment in the Elegant part of Rome. It’s the only way to discover the authentic pleasure of Italy on a personal scale.

The Chef, is a Professional Nutritionist that loves cooking by using only high quality, possibly organic, local foods. "Sustainable eating" as he says.

The cooking class focuses on Roman dishes prepared with classic and healthy Mediterranean ingredients. You will knead and roll out fresh pasta to make tagliatelle, fettuccine , bruschette or Pizza. Then you will learn about different sauces: the classic Italian tomato and basil sauce as well as the bolognese or other seasonal pasta condiments.

If you are looking for creative and informal atmospheres this is the perfect class.

At the end you will savor the fruit of your labour through a meal that will be memorable, plus you will enjoy the atmosphere with good local wine.

This unique optional experience can be added and customized to any tour offered.



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