In a fascinating walking tour of the historical centre you’ll admire and learn the history and stories behind the walls of the most important monuments of the baroc city. As we walk through the enchanting streets and piazzas of Rome, we’ll discuss the ideas of the Renaissance and Baroque, the lives of the famous artists, and the several rich popes and families who showered the city with countless masterpieces, setting precedents of artistic standard for centuries to come.

We’ll pause to admire the Trevi’s fountain, the most spectacular among the fountains of Rome. We will continue to the Spanish Steps to discuss the legend and history of the most scenic staircase in Rome, a fundamental reference point for visitors and local people. After crossing the fashion district and thew elegant shopping center in an fine and noble Galleria we’ll reach Piazza Colonna with its ancient column in the middle built by the Roman Senate in 118 AD to honour Marcus Aurelius victories, sourrended by elegant palaces such as Palazzo Chigi (today is the seat of the Prime Minister’s office.

We’ll cross Montecitorio square where the palace, built by Bernini and used today as seat of the Italian Government, arises together with one of Rome’s high obelisks.

After enjoying the walking tour through the historical centre we will arrive at the Pantheon, the best preserved rman temple.

The tour finishes in Piazza Navona where you will be able to take some time to reflect on Bernini and Borromini’s genius as right here there are the best work of both artists, sitting in one of the cafes around the square, or on a bench to admire local artists, eating a gelato.

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