Enjoy being surrounded by a magical atmosphere amidst lift-up piazzas, fountains and buildings of the Renaissance and Baroque periods. All the best and most interesting places are admired in peace and relxation, far from the crowds and traffic of the day. This itinerary offers the opportunity to see Rome by night in a romantic setting full of splendor. We will lead you to discover the most importatn and renowned monuments of the Eternal City.

The tour will cover: Via Veneto, a symbol of the Roman dolce vita, or sweet life, which characterized the city in the 1960s thanks to the street’s famous luxury hotels and historical cafès. Aurelian city-walls, Margherita Palace (in Which the US embassy is housed), Barberini Square and its Fountain of Triton, Via Quattro Fontane (street of the Four Fountains), Quirinale Square and the Presedential Palace, Trevi Fountain, the biggest and one of the most celebrated fountains in Rome where Classical and Baroque styles meet.

Piazza Venezia and its monument dedicated to King Vittorio Emanuele, Capitol Hill,  Imperial  and Roman Forums, the Coliseum, symbol of Rome, the Arch of Costnantine the Circus maximus, Theater of Marcellus, the Synagogue. Tiberina Island. Piazza Navona, where you will find the splendid Four Rivers Fountain, full of muystic and religious significance. Castel Sant’Angelo, St Peter’s Basilicaand much more.

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