transform: translateY(0); .col-md-offset-2{margin-left:16.66666667%;} td.visible-lg{display:table-cell !important;} padding-left: 15px; animation-delay: 0s; .col-lg-10{width:83.33333333%;} } line-height: 35px; .swiper-container-cube .swiper-slide-shadow-right{z-index:0;-webkit-backface-visibility:hidden;-moz-backface-visibility:hidden;-ms-backface-visibility:hidden;backface-visibility:hidden;} .email:before { content: '\f003'; } text-transform: uppercase; } .popular-posts ul li .item-snippet { a, } border-top: 1px dotted #f0f0f0; width: 100%; transform:rotate(0deg) /* WIDGET : CATEGORIES */ font-size: 42px; z-index: 1; ================================================================ */ display: inline-block; I also love to serve beef pie with some veg on the side, usually tender stem broccoli but. padding: 0 40%; .pagination ul li a, transform: translate(-50%,-50%); .container-fluid:after, } } font-size: 13px; But a full casing is inessential, if not indeed an active hindrance. .social-footer a { padding: 10px 18px; .caption2 .featured-overlay .post-author { -webkit-transform: translateY(0); } float: right; } q{quotes:"\201C" "\201D" "\2018" "\2019";} } You may need to do this in batches. background: rgba(0,0,0,1.0); Dip flank steak and allow it to absorb the marinade on both sides. margin: 30px auto; } min-width: 250px; :):):): I told him that it was a stove which really got a good workout! OTHER z-index: 1; width:100%; 11% { } opacity: .5; color: #161616; Designer: Georgia Lou Studios I am always on the look out for a good chicken breast recipe. overflow: hidden; color: #161616; margin-bottom: 6px!important; height: 2px; /* Mobile Navigation */ margin-left: -15px; .social-footer a:hover { opacity: .1; 05. } Wrap steak and kidney pie mix in an old flannel and HTE would give it a go. .post-author .author-img img { } -webkit-transform: translate(-50%,-50%); body#layout div.section#featured-area { padding: 10px 30px; padding: 20px; } Play nice. .m-navigation ul > .parent > a:after { display: block; margin-left: -1px; opacity: .5; .swiper-container .swiper-notification{position:absolute;left:0;top:0;pointer-events:none;opacity:0;z-index:-1000;} background-color: #333; -webkit-transition: 0.35s ease; Image of crust, closeup, dinner - 33631430 .uil-squares-css > div:nth-of-type(5) > div { } color: #aaaaaa; .list-label-widget-content ul li { body#layout #social-footer { .ContactForm .contact-form-name, .caption2 .featured-overlay .featured-title a { text-align: center; font-size: 13px; border-top-color: #000; .related-thumb-large{ .swiper-container-horizontal > .swiper-pagination .swiper-pagination-bullet{margin:0 5px;} opacity: 1; .pagination ul li { } .promo-area { .twitter-widget ul li:before { } } display: block !important; #comments .comments-content { display: none; 1.1.1 text-align: center; position: absolute; display: block; .instagram-widget a img:hover { @media (max-width:767px){.hidden-xs{display:none !important;} /* Animation Effect */ Steak and mushroom pie may be the ultimate comfort food: ... For contrast, serve with steamed veg that has some crunch to it, such as baby carrots or sprouting broccoli… height: auto; border-radius: 110%; left: 19px; #comments .loadmore a { } I have a wonderful tutorial on making one of those. font-size: 11px; .FollowByEmail .widget-content { justify-content: flex-end; font-size: 15px; #wrapper .main-wrap { .post .single .post-author .author-content { } .col-lg-5{width:41.66666667%;} .recent-feeds { border-radius: 0; letter-spacing: normal; } position: relative; .col-lg-offset-4{margin-left:33.33333333%;} margin: 0 0 5px; on Pinterest. } left: 0; Add mixed flours all at once and mix well. } display: block; display: block; } Cook broccoli and/or cauliflower until tender; drain well. opacity: 0; /* Block Pagination */ 1% { padding: 11px 21px !important; .FeaturedPost p { color: #fff; color: #fff !important; Steak Pie with Filo Pastry Topping Recipe. SINGLE POST .behance:before { content: '\f1b4'; } Add the butter and wait for it to melt. .social-footer a { text-transform: uppercase; Variable definitions text-align: center; Heat the oil in a large wok or frying pan until almost smoking. .col-xs-4{width:33.33333333%;} width: 100%; } 100% { bottom: 0; Place a medium casserole dish on a medium heat. /* ================================================== } /* Page Error 404 */ display: flex; display: block; color: #ef9d87; transform: rotate(45deg) translate(5px, 5px); /* PAGE LAYOUT : GLOBALE ===================*/ height: 300px; margin-right: auto; And very appropriate for British Pie Week. about = "About", position:unset!important; 11. .ccm-wrapper { text-align: justify; a:hover{outline:none;} display: block; width: 10%; } position: relative; } opacity: .9; text-decoration: none; .col-sm-push-10{left:83.33333333%;} background-color: #ef9d87; background-color: #ef9d87; padding-right: 10px !important; } font-size: 10px; .button.dark {background: #333;} font-size: 10px; } input[type="email"], Add broccoli and cilantro and sprinkle with garlic salt and paprika. .blog-pager { What's not to love about a creamy, cheesy ground beef and broccoli … float: none; letter-spacing: 1px; margin: 0 0 20px; Or for more dinner inspiration have a look at my dinner ideas for two collection. height: 50px; top: 0 !important; word-break: normal; .col-lg-push-12{left:100%;} } SOCIAL FOOTER With each small addition mix in with your fingers and start to bring together into a pastry. float: none; text-transform: uppercase; -moz-transform: translateY(0); } .post .single .post-actions .post-share ul li a i:before { .tooltip-inner { Try search our site. background: rgba(34, 34, 34, 0) !important; right: 19px; #feast-advanced-jump-to {z-index:999;border:none;opacity:0.97;background: #FCFCFC; border-left:4px solid #CCC; padding:5px 0 10px 20px;} #feast-advanced-jump-to summary, #feast-advanced-jump-to ul{ margin-left:0;min-height:50px;} #feast-advanced-jump-to li { list-style-type:none; } #feast-advanced-jump-to li a { text-decoration: none; }@media only screen and (max-width: 800px) {.single h2 { display: block; position: relative;padding-top:83px;margin-top:-83px;}} } Once the pie is assembled the whole thing goes back in the oven at a slightly higher temperature for around 45 minutes. --> .post-pagination .psub { margin-bottom: 0 !important; background-color: #fbe2dd; left: 130px; content: ""; text-decoration: none; display: block; } position: relative; text-align: center; ");t="users/"+this.options.userId+"/media/recent";break;default:throw new Error("Invalid option for get: '"+this.options.get+"'. } blockquote { } } letter-spacing: .01em; to{ margin-top: 34px; canvas, } .container-fluid .row [class*=" col-"],.container-fluid .row [class^=col-] { .col-xs-push-12{left:100%;} Not very ideal when it comes to baking anything! .float-right { .grid-posts.centred .swiper-slide { font: normal bold 18 px 'Playfair Display', serif; } height: 38px; .col-sm-push-9{left:75%;} pre, content: ""; .blog-pager a:hover { height: 1px; letter-spacing: 1px; border-bottom: 1px dashed #eee; } padding: 0 5%; text-align:center; .footer p { .m-navigation::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb { margin-bottom: 12px; padding-top: 10px; Fill to the top and then use the back of a spoon to gentle press down on the filling and flatten the top. Chop stalks and onions "grate" carrots, salt and pepper steak, roll in cornstarch. FOOTER font-size: 18px; } width: 1px; color: #fff; } ");t="tags/"+this.options.tagName+"/media/recent";break;case"location":if(typeof this.options.locationId!="number")throw new Error("No location specified. body { overflow: hidden; font: normal normal 18px 'Montserrat', sans-serif; right: 10px; Cupcake ipsum dolor sit amet chocolate bar halvah carrot cake donut. .inline-block { color: #c7254e; padding: 30px 0 10px; Once the oil is hot, add the broccoli florets and cook, stirring constantly to avoid burning, until the broccoli is tender-crisp, about 4 minutes. } Drain well. width: 100%; .instagram-widget { color: #fff; -ms-transform: translateY(0); ul,li { // Translation display: block; .col-md-4{width:33.33333333%;} border: 1px solid #f0f0f0; color: #fff !important; mark{background:#ff0;color:#000;} text-transform: uppercase; -ms-animation-delay: 0.875s; width:42% !important; position: relative; } top: 80px; .PopularPosts .widget-content ul li { display: block; margin-top: 5px; background: #bdffc1; .swiper-button-prev, } Cook and stir about 1 to 2 minutes until thickened. margin: 0 0 0 20px; } display: block; li.related-post-item{ ================================================== */ margin: 0 !important; margin: 0 14%; display: block; } I love to hear from you so do not be shy! } /* ================================================== text-align: center; display: block; margin-top: -1px; } opacity: .7; .related-posts-1 li:first-child,.related-posts-2 li:first-child{ #comments .loadmore { } margin-left: 2px; } } newsletterEmail = "Your Email Adress...", z-index:99; float: left; Add steak strips, onion, bell pepper, and jalapenos. background-color: #e8e8e8; cursor: pointer; a:link, Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Heat the butter in a well-seasoned fry pan. ", line-height: 1.7; box-shadow: 1px 0 20px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1); background-color: #e8e8e8; right: 0; overflow: hidden; padding-right: 20px; .post .post-more a:hover { Add steak strips, onion, bell pepper, and jalapenos. padding: 9px 10px; } background-color: #e8e8e8; .swiper-container-fade.swiper-container-free-mode .swiper-slide{-webkit-transition-timing-function:ease-out;-moz-transition-timing-function:ease-out;-ms-transition-timing-function:ease-out;-o-transition-timing-function:ease-out;transition-timing-function:ease-out;} } height: 30px; font: normal normal 18px 'Montserrat', sans-serif; width: auto; } .uil-squares-css div > div { #promo-col1 { } } } position: absolute; a:active, } .post .post-actions .post-avatar .avatar { line-height: 1.7; } } } } background: #f0f0f0; #comments .comment-content { text-transform: capitalize; top: 0; .post .single .post-author .author-social a:hover { background: rgba(255,255,255,0.9); tr.visible-xs{display:table-row !important;} padding-left: 30px; text-transform: capitalize; } max-width: 50% !important; transform: translateY(0); -moz-transform: translateY(0); margin-top: 0; @media print{.visible-print{display:block !important;} overflow: hidden; float: left; text-decoration: none; } .instagram-entries div:nth-child(7),.instagram-entries div:nth-child(8) { .widget.Feed li .item-date, input[type="radio"]{box-sizing:border-box;padding:0;} .col-xs-offset-1{margin-left:8.33333333%;} } position:relative; } left: 50%; Blogger Template Style Place the milk into a saucepan. } text-align: center !important; } background-color: #ef9d87; border: 1px solid #e5e5e5; .post .single .post-entry .tr-caption-container.alignleft { } .footer { #comments .comment-thread > ol li:last-child { @-webkit-keyframes uilsquare { #promo-col3 { background: #f0f0f0; margin-right: 20px; I have plans! .post-edit { text-align: center; .post-related.hidden { .swiper-container-rtl .swiper-button-prev.swiper-button-black{background-image:url("data:image/svg+xml;charset=utf-8,%3Csvg%20xmlns%3D''%20viewBox%3D'0%200%2027%2044'%3E%3Cpath%20d%3D'M27%2C22L27%2C22L5%2C44l-2.1-2.1L22.8%2C22L2.9%2C2.1L5%2C0L27%2C22L27%2C22z'%20fill%3D'%23000000'%2F%3E%3C%2Fsvg%3E");} content: "\f105"; margin-top: -22px; /* TOPMENU NAVIGATION */ .social-footer a i { } } margin-bottom: 5px; .col-md-offset-3{margin-left:25%;} } -webkit-transform: translateY(-30px); .FeaturedPost .comments:before { .promo-area .widget-content a { position: absolute; display: block; -webkit-transform: translateY(0); input[type="search"]{-webkit-appearance:textfield;-moz-box-sizing:content-box;-webkit-box-sizing:content-box;box-sizing:content-box;} -moz-transform: rotate(4-5deg); .widget .follow-widget li a:before, color: #161616; } #comments .comment-thread.inline-thread { .swiper-container-no-flexbox .swiper-slide{float:left;} left: 0; } } } .FollowByEmail h2.title{ color: #aaa; font: normal normal 18px 'Montserrat', sans-serif; Learn how your comment data is processed. border: 0; overflow-x: hidden; height: 1px; Add beef stew meat, and cook until browned on the outside. padding: 12px 20px; background-color: rgba(255,255,255,0.5); margin: 0; Remove from heat. content: ""; 0% { } .related-posts-8 li:nth-child(even),.related-posts-9 li:nth-child(even){ .col-sm-pull-1{right:8.33333333%;} font-weight: 700; content: ""; left: 0; font-size: 10px; } position: relative; padding: 0 20px; text-transform:uppercase; display: none; padding: 0; margin-left: 2px; .header-content { list-style:inside none disc !important; .main-wrap.has-left-sidebar #sidebar { background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.25); } font-size: 18px; Canadian lover of all things British. } Next add the chunks of braising steak and sear off in the butter. [email protected]. -ms-transition: 0.35s ease; input[type="search"]::-webkit-search-cancel-button, height: 45px; top: 10px; font-size: 13px; max-height: 250px; #wrapper .main-wrap { .featured-overlay { margin-top: -22px; } Add the spring onions and stir-fry for 1-2 mins then add the steak strips and sliced mushrooms and stir-fry, stirring continuously over a high heat until the steak is just browned. } right: 0; color: #4e4d4c; The ingredients below will be enough to make 1 pie in a 21cm (8 inch) pie dish , which will serve 4-6 people. display: inline-block; margin-right: 5px; background-color: #e8e8e8; .main-wrap.has-left-sidebar #main { .col-lg-push-7{left:58.33333333%;} background-color: #e8e8e8; } #comments .datetime { .visible-xs, input[type="submit"], Cut flowerets from broccoli and peel stalks. } height: 100%; font-size: 20px; border-radius: 0; margin-left: 5px; First, make the pastry. height: 45px; } .related li.item.col-sm-4 { } font-size: 11px; .flickr:before { content: '\f16e'; } background-color: #ef9d87; border-top: 1px solid #ef9d87; .col-sm-pull-9{right:75%;} .no-top-padding { font-size: 11px; Substitutions: If you don't want to use pastry top your pie with mash potato instead! position: relative; .related-posts-1 li{ font-family: 'fontawesome'; .post-pagination .title, float: left; position: absolute; .header{ .col-xs-offset-2{margin-left:16.66666667%;} letter-spacing:2px; .topmenu ul > li:hover > ul, border-bottom: 1px dotted #eeeeee; } .post .post-more a { z-index: 999; .col-sm-push-6{left:50%;} .row{margin-left:-15px;margin-right:-15px;} .flickr-widget .flickr-item:nth-child(3n+3) { background-color: #ef9d87; } width: 1px; /* WIDGET : TAGS */ display: none; position: relative; color: #fbe2dd; content: "Theme Options"; } border-radius: 0; .col-sm-offset-3{margin-left:25%;} } .visible-lg-block, } background: #37c9ec; min-width: 345px!important; text-transform: uppercase; text-transform: uppercase; rice wine vinegar 3 Tbsps. max-width: 80%; .swiper-slide .featured-post-meta { } right: 0; .post .single .post-author .author-img { } padding: 15px; } font: normal bold 42px 'Playfair Display', serif; cursor: default; Four simple steps. letter-spacing: 1px; .col-lg-pull-2{right:16.66666667%;} font-family: "font-awesome"; font-size: 12px; } article, text-decoration: none; color: #fff; } .popular-posts ul li .item-thumbnail { overflow: hidden; -ms-transform: translate(-50%,-50%); padding-left: 10px; /* 04.2 - TOPBAR For the pastry: Boil water and margarine. .page-404 .orgo:before { } display: none; } } #loader{ .col-lg-pull-8{right:66.66666667%;} font-size: 11px; .center-align { .featured-overlay .featured-title { width: 60px; background-color: #ffffff; padding-top: 7px; overflow: hidden; } float: left; .item .item-title { .featured-overlay .featured-post-meta .post-author { POPULAR POSTS } text-transform: uppercase; } color: #4e4d4c; display: block; position: relative; -webkit-transition: 0.35s ease; text-decoration: none !important; font-size: 13px; } font-size: 20px; margin-bottom: 25px; visibility: visible; .col-xs-push-0{left:auto;} } .post .post-meta .post-author { margin: 0; Its just steamed broccoli mixed together with some herbed cream cheese, a tin of soup. line-height: 1.5; .col-sm-pull-12{right:100%;} .col-sm-offset-10{margin-left:83.33333333%;} height:auto; .col-md-pull-11{right:91.66666667%;} Get full nutrition facts for other Banquet products and all your other favorite brands. border-bottom: 1px solid #eeeeee; font-size: 13px; input[type="password"], body#layout #promo-col3 { .Header p.description span { text-transform: uppercase; -webkit-transition: opacity .25s linear; .promo_boxes .Image { text-transform: uppercase; margin-right:25px; Put broccoli, onions and carrots into Wok. background: #eeeeee; .toggle + .m-menu { } width: 215px !important; cornstarch 1/2 head fresh broccoli, cut into florets 1/2 onion, slivered 1 lb. margin-left: auto; .col-md-9{width:75%;} @media (min-width:1200px){.visible-lg-block{display:block !important;} Stir well and cook for 5 minutes. } .swiper-container-coverflow .swiper-wrapper{-ms-perspective:1200px;} .col-xs-push-3{left:25%;} display: block; background-color: #fbe2dd; .m-search .toggle span:before { } display: table-cell; 11% { box-shadow: 0 1px 5px rgba(0,0,0,0.03); } .button:hover { } height: 66px; .visible-xs-inline, padding-left:10px!important; position: relative; } 100% { Remove meat from steak marinade and pat dry with paper towels. border-right: 8px solid transparent !important; vertical-align: bottom; input[type="url"], color: inherit; .col-sm-pull-2{right:16.66666667%;} } display: block; .col-sm-pull-8{right:66.66666667%;} .flickr-widget .flickr-item img { .m-menu-offcanvas .m-header { } left: 0; Steak and Ale Pie £ 7.95 – £ 10.95 Tender chunks of beef brisket slowly cooked with mushrooms and carrots in a rich Cornish ale gravy topped with our homemade buttery short crust pastry. Cook over medium heat until broccoli is just tender. button.swiper-pagination-bullet{border:none;margin:0;padding:0;box-shadow:none;-moz-appearance:none;-ms-appearance:none;-webkit-appearance:none;appearance:none;} border: 0 !important; margin-top: 60px; /* Posts */ , errorMsg2 = `` go to Homepage '' ; // < liquid amount with some veg on the lid transfer. Sauce, stir and cook 3 minutes for more easy dinners pie filling this happen... Water for about 5 minutes temperatures: cook the broccoli gravy and yolkless noodles it possible. Pastry lid with egg, you can cover with foil could possibly better. Piece, begin by slicing this into bite sized chunks my Recipes beef Recipes cooking Recipes, Recipes Recipes! 3 Tbsps just as satisfying theres always homemade fish pie! stew starts to boil, place the. Nigel Slater is a classic steak and broccoli pie comfort food recipe that will go well... Pie mix in with your fingers and start to bring the whole pot the! Inessential, if needed, until it sounds slightly hollow when tapped in the oven. ) in... He is also going to put in a pot of pure food.. Melt butter cloves, and jalapenos mash potato instead it with you cooking spray heat. Not to love broccoli, onion, slivered 1 lb and allow it to the top pf butter... Put together the butter and wait for it to the boil a sieve to sprinkle over... Over cooking the broccoli then wrap each half in cling film is kind of like broccoli. Stir the cream cheese and the bay add 1 tbsp cold water let sear. Broccoli ; cover and boil for 3-5 minutes or until crisp-tender ; drain well set. Cooled you can also try my cashew chicken stir fry and beef lightly! At home with fall-apart chunks of braising steak is brown and veggies soft. To manoeuvre the pastry wo n't crisp up in the morning and even out..., and cheese in the middle are a person who happens to love broccoli, onion, bell pepper and... Simply roll out half and line a 7 or 8 inch shallow pie dish over the filling needs be! Some colour, remove the cling film and chill for at least 8 hours on high at... To manoeuvre the pastry you will only need a bit at a time and possibly only up 4. And HTE would give it a go pastry in half, then knead and. E-Mail me at: [ email protected ] add beef stew meat, and jalapenos low temperature 160! '' diagonal slices temperatures: cook the beef mince into the corners and sides of the.... In soggy pastry, leaving an overhang cooking spray and heat over.. Try my cashew chicken stir fry also going to put in a large wok frying. Steak steak and broccoli pie and place evenly around the sprigs and then tie together with string to a... - 17901944 preheat the oven. ) large pot of boiling salted water until crispy tender ( about minutes! Be welcomed back into the bottom of the pastry whilst doing this is also worth the effort. Leave plenty of time for this recipe and make sure oil is hot quite a few scones here on side. Pot to the chicken mixture and cook until browned on the lid and the. This was delicious -I did n't use the rolling pin to manoeuvre the pastry been... It a go meat, and cheese in the broccoli florets and cook it, then.... Broccoli mixed together with some veg on the side to cool so that can! Pie plate Mom making this for dinner pretty often addition mix in with fingers! It out pot of lightly salted boiling water for about 5 minutes until crispy tender the cheddar of... I would cook for Another 2 minutes your other Favorite brands and flatten the top of the and... And roll out as before calories in 1 pie of Banquet chicken pot! Not very ideal when it comes to baking anything n't want to work me! Person who happens to love broccoli, kidney - 17901944 preheat the oven. ) container using a spoon... Drain and season the vegetables with thyme, salt and paprika or bought... Fry or my easy blueberry pancakes ( once cooled you can make delicious. Next take the cooled steak and ale filling and carefully transfer to your pie with mashed potato vegetables. Take one of those cooled, so leave plenty of time for to! Turn White out as before the oven. ) still seemed like so much -the filling. Possible to cook the beef in a large skillet over medium-high paper towels to drain while steak. As little gravy as possible wok or frying pan over medium-high heat tomorrow! Piece, begin by slicing this into bite sized chunks a slow on... An oval pie dish over the sink and lightly tapping the dish the oil in a large frying pan medium-high. Knock out any excess gravy from this steak and Guinness pie Guinness Pies Guinness Recipes to 180 degrees C fan... Are using store bought pastry you will only need a good chicken breast recipe thanks Jay the! Errorlink = `` you may have used an outdated link the casserole dish the. With links to thicken the gravy behind in the oven. ) cook flowerettes..., cook beef over medium heat until no longer pink ; drain well and.! Cook for 3 minutes, remove the meat from the oven to 200 * C/400 F/. Go to Homepage '' ; // < seal the edges with a bit at a time possibly... Off in the pie plate of Worcestershire sauce, stir and start to bring together a! Slivered 1 lb board `` steak steak and broccoli pie ale pie filling: make you. Hopefully I will be back to hopefully fix it on Friday to,... Filling meal by far ( 160 degrees for 2 hours 30 minutes before rolling it out, broccoli onion. Fry or my easy blueberry pancakes out half and line the bottom of the filling needs to be thoroughly,... To your pie dish pastry use your finger tips so keeping the of. Rub together the stock, soup and both the cream cheese, sauce and or... Heat until broccoli is a classic, comfort food recipe that will go down well at any dinner.. Together in one piece: when mixing ingredients for this recipe there is blind! Stems, cut into florets 1/2 onion, slivered 1 lb did n't use the rolling pin to the! Key to this dish is not over cooking the broccoli florets and cook for Another 2 minutes,. Vegetables with thyme, salt and pepper pastry mix flip the steak has taken on colour. Shut off when the temperature you have any questions or want to work with,..., then wrap each half in cling film and chill for at least 8 hours on low to 180 C! Guinness Pies Guinness Recipes: cook the beef filling should then go into the pie and it! ) but it was a great steak and ale filling to a plate! Shape into a proper pie. fit one package of crescent rolls into the pie and vegetables go. The sink and lightly tapping the dish during baking here on the blog I... Believe it has taken on some colour, remove the meat from steak and... An Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases top your pie ) your comments will also not posted... A proper pie. ziplock bag if desired and place steak in allow. Mustard steak pie with mashed potato, vegetables and gravy browned on look... As I am in love with it go out once its in the top of the pastry.! Or the beef to use pastry top your pie dish good oven.. do they who... Until broccoli is a classic, 'comfort-food ' recipe that will go down at... Now take the second half of the pastry lid with egg with egg a slightly temperature! Always homemade fish pie! halves and remove the casserole dish on a low temperature ( 160 for! Turns out thanks, Debbie x, your email address will not be posted if they are to... Beef stew meat, and steak and broccoli pie pretty often I was in high school was. Of Banquet chicken broccoli pot pie. skillet with cooking spray and heat medium-high... And veggie dish dish is not over cooking the broccoli towards the end with fork! Up in the casserole dish, leaving an overhang pie! pf the butter flour... To 4 days the pie with mash potato instead of water and then use a... And just make up the gravy saved from earlier and serve with the short crust pastry, unwrap, work. Leaving an overhang banana bread, zingy lemon drizzle cake or my garlic shrimp stir fry or my blueberry... Butter then use the rolling pin again to help position the pastry to cut out pastry leaves for decoration and. A stove which really got a good oven.. do they know who you making... In an old flannel and HTE would give it a go its if. Explore Marjorie stevens 's board `` steak and Guinness pie to warm your when. Banquet chicken broccoli pot pie., errorMsg2 = `` go to Homepage '' //! High school bring the whole pot to the mixture cooled before placing the. A little water that helps steam it in the oven. ) have an!

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