From the obelisks to the love affair of Antony and Cleopatra. A fascinating exhibition presenting the legacy of the Egyptian world in the Eternal City. The National Museum of Castel Sant'Angelo will host from 11th July until 9th November 2008 the exceptional the exhibition 'La Lupa and la Sfinge. Roma e l'Egitto, dalla storia al mito' (The She-wolf and the Sphinx. Rome and Egypt, between History and Legend). This show of carefully selected works dating from the Faraonic Egypt to the Age of Enlightenment, housed at the Castel Sant’Angelo for this special occasion, celebrates that age-old love between the banks of the Tiber and those of the Nile. The exhibition, which is particularly rich in sculptures, opens with the theme of Egyptian and classical 'double image', in which they were portraied, in imitation of Alexander the Great and Roman emperors. Among the exhibited works is the Antinous Farnese from the National Archaeological Museum in Naples - an absolute masterpiece appearing in Rome for the first time - which testifies to Emperor Hadrian’s love of Egypt and of this beautiful young man who drowned in the Nile. The event is sponsored by the Ministry for the Cultural Policies and Polo Museale of Rome.