Try the engaging experience of exploring submerged archeologica sites and observing the seabed, collecting unforgettable memories. After the magical moment when your eyes will open in the sea, you will no longer be able to see, think, live as before.

If you are an adventure seeker even without experience of snorkeling or diving, try the excitement of immersing in crystal clear waters near Rome and in complete safety and explore the secrets of the past that they guard and the magical seabed. Discovering underwater cultural heritage below the surface of the the Mediterranean Sea that haven’t seen the light of day in millennia, makes these long-lost sites absolutely fascinating. 

Ancient submerged ruins, remains of ancient villas, Etruscan finds, Roman structures of very high hydraulic engineering visible from the satellite due to their sizes, will reveal how our seabed is rich in finds and traces from a past preserved and hidden from the sea for millennia.

In addition, the marine flora, the tiny invertebrates, the great variety of fish, turtles, shoals with spectacular colors, will allow you to closely observe the typical biodiversity of our Mediterranean sea.

 All is needed is water shoes or fins, swimsuit and towel, a snorkel mask. They could also be provided upon request.

These fun and engaging experiential adventures are suitable for everyone who love the sea and feel at ease immersed in 1,60 ft deep (half a meter), both adults and children, and it can therefore also be practiced by those who do not know how to swim well: unlike diving, you can stay where the water level is low and you just need to simply put your head in the water, leaving the snorkel out, to observe the submerged archaeological ruins, the flora, the fish, and all forms of marine life.

The low shallow of submerged Roman structures and their proximity to the coast allow visiting and snorkeling in total safety even for amateur divers and people without any experience. Furthermore, everyone can join these transformational tours since some of the sites can also be done without physically entering the sea, some ruins are visible thanks to a walkway on the water.

If you are interested in trying this engaging and thrilling experience of observing the seabed and visiting underwater archaeological sites, you can book now, the tours will run from  May 15th to October 15th.

The tour can be customized upon reuqeste and it can also be done as a Virtual Tour.

"After the magical moment when my eyes opened in the sea, I was no longer able to see, think, live as before." (Jacques Cousteau)