It's a stunningly beautiful pleasure-palace and one of the world's most incredible art collections. The Gallery boasts priceless masterpieces amassed over several centuries by the Borghese family to grace their opulent summer residence in Rome.

The beautiful frescoed 17th century villa houses a vast and diverse collection of sculptures, mosaics, paintings and Greco-Roman, Renaissance and Baroque works by the greatest masters (Bernini, Caravaggio, Raphael, Titian, Canova, Rubens, etc. ) which you get to see in its original setting and decorations.

The famous Villa Borghese is a truly magical setting, surrounded by vast gardens filled with fountains, monuments and diverse flora.
So, after visiting the gallery, we will continue the tour outdoors, exploring the delightful Borghese Gardens which are amongst the most famous and beautiful in Italy.
To complete your experience, we'll end atop a panoramic terrace with stunning views over Rome, the Vatican and on one of the largest monumental squares of Rome.


Borghese Gallery Tour includes but is not limited to:

The Caravaggio Room (St. Jerome, David with the Head of Goliath, Madonna of the Palafrenieri, )
Bernini sculptures (Apollo and Daphne, David, Pluto and Proserpina, the Truth, Paul 5th busts, etc )
Canova sculpture (Pauline Bonaparte)
Works by Raphael (The Deposition, Lady with Unicorn)
Perugino (Madonna and Child)
Rubens (The Deposition)
Titian (Sacred and Profane Love)
Villa Borghese Gardens
Casino dell'Uccelliera, Piazza di Siena, Diana Temple, Obelisk of Antonio, the Lake and a striking panoramic view over Piazza del Popolo and the Vatican city.

From there you can decide to pause and enjoy the beauty and silence of of this Eden in the heart of busy Rome, or to combine it with another tour or simply discover the district below the terrace, well-known to shoppers seeking fine fashion and gourmet foods.