If you love nature, archeology, history and adventure together, look no further than this amazing guided experience as your private shore excursion.

An extraordinary tour that, in just few hours, will merge you in ancient history and unspoiled nature: an Etruscan-Roman city, Etruscan noble tombs, a medieval castle, a museum, a natural Canyon and a Pond for a nice refreshing dip!

Upon request we may organize a range of inspirational, transformational and experiential activities that take you beyond sight to experience the park: from horseback riding to mountain bike or e-bike, from kayak or tube paddle to easy climbing or trekking.

We will make a journey rich in history, from the Etruscans to the Romans, up to the Middle Ages, along a “wild” but safe itinerary to discover one of the most beautiful and yet unexplored sites of Italy, between the pouring waters of a river and walls of lava.

The excursion will mainly unfold in the Vulci Archaeological Park where we will visit the main archaeological sites: the Etruscan-Roman city where we’ll explore the Forum with the Great Temple and the Honorary Arch, the podium of an imposing Etruscan temple in tuff (5th century BC), a Roman luxurious aristocratic residence of the 2nd century BCE and its intact undergrounds, a small temple dedicated to Hercules, a beautiful Mithraeum dating back to the third century BC, roman roads, a medieval castle and a panoramic Etruscan-Roman bridge which, with its 99 feet (30 meters) high, dominates the whole area and crosses the scenic river.

Furthermore we will admire the Eastern Necropolises, which includes some of the most important Etruscan tombs of the whole Country: 

The princely Tumulus of Cuccumella, the largest mound of the whole Italy with its its 1634 feet (498 meters) in circumference, a diameter of about 213 ft (65 meters) and a height of around 59 feet (18 meters). Beneath this tomb there is a real "labyrinth", a series of large underground tunnels dug without criteria in the tuff bank at a depth of about 16 feet (5 meters) for a total length of about 2297 feet (700 meters).

The François Tomb which is the most important one in Vulci from which very rich jewels, elegant Greek and Etruscan vases were found; but above all the refined Etruscan painting that frescoed the walls, and for which the François tomb is known throughout the world. Plus it offers a suggestive opportunity to appreciate the skilful mastery of the Etruscan architects who were able to create a funeral hill monument of unparalleled size, with its long dromos cut into over  50 ft (15 meters) deep and with its 7 main rooms , leaving to posterity a figurative message of unique intensity.

The Tomb of the Inscriptions, consisting of a large atrium with six burial chambers, obviously takes its name from the various inscriptions found inside it, more precisely 17 Etruscan and 6 Roman.

We will continue the visit with a descent for a swim to a lake in a small natural basin that opens into the canyon formed by the dark volcanic rock sculpted by the waters of the river. 

After a break for a kayak or tube paddle trip in the small lake and for pictures its charming waterfall we may stop for a picnic there, or you can get spoiled by trying some delicious traditional dishes in a restaurant in the green grounds of the park.

For the most adventurous ones we could extend the tour by going up the thunderous waterfall along the lava slopes of the river banks, along a wild itinerary to discover one of the most beautiful geo-sites of central Italy, between pouring waters and lava walls, until we almost go up on the perfectly preserved Etruscan-Roman bridge for breathtaking views and a visit of the Medieval castle.

The tour is fit for individuals, families with kids, seniors with the ability to walk. 

The suggested duration is a full day, however it can also be customized  for a half day.