If you love cycling, learning, discovering and having fun, we have the perfect adventure for you at every ability level.

There is a range of Private Cycling Tours in and out of Rome, spanning from City Tours in the historical center and on the Appian road to Off the Road and Adventure Trails out of the city center in Geo & Archeologica trails

Every private guided ride is conceived, carefully studied and organized according to your needs, expectations, technical level and length.

All of our Cycling and MTB trail riding tours include an individually-fitted bike, helmet  and, of course, a friendly, fun and knowledgeable licensed guide who leads you on this exciting journey

Depending on the destination chosen and your level of expertise, Tours are on MTB/BMX, Enduro E-bikes, Urban bicycles, City E-bikes.

There are various type and size of bikes to accommodate just about every taste, level, size and age of riders.

All of our activities are in the absolute respect of nature, animals and people living in those surroundings. 

Private tours can be held all year long; depending on the season, you may “dive” into different and exciting landscapes.

This is a great tour for families or friends who have varying interests & skill levels:  Mountain-biking, caving and a hiking, all at the same site!

Tours are for beginners, amateurs, intermediate, experts and for those who just want to enjoy the beauty of the landscape and nature and experience  something new while exploring and visiting.

If someone in your party is not an Enduro-rider, he/she will have few alternatives on top of the choice of hiking and trekking , while exploring wonderful landscapes.

Families with kids

Our biking tours are a wonderful way for kids comfortable on bicycles to discover Rome and its Surroundings or as a Shore Excursion from Civitavecchia. We only require that your children have been riding for a while and can navigate riding a bike on various surfaces including cobbled streets.

Due to limited availability, it’s suggested to book well in advance. 

Tour de Rome - City Biking Tours

An  (e-)bike tour is the best way to get an overview of a city as rich as Rome and explore its many famous sights, its hidden corners in the least amount of time.

This tour is the ideal if you are in the city for a limited period of time or on a shore excursion. 

This tour is perfect if you are staying longer in Rome and wish to have a deeper experience of Rome including important sights a bit further out compared to the central monumental areas.

The Tour de Rome is a family-friendly biking tour for families with young children or those who are not as comfortable on a bicycle.

You should have good balance, be able to start and stop comfortably, feel confident with your riding ability and be familiar with hand brakes.

The route of the tours will be mainly on bike/pedestrian paths, (away from cars for most itineraries). Some trails could be on streets or pedestrian roads.

The road surfaces in Rome vary and may include cobbled streets as well as smooth marble and pavement.

Cycling tours through Rome are only privately conducted for you to guarantee you have a personal inspirational and transformational experience through a customized experiential itinerary.



Speleo Biking Adventure

This Speleo & E-MTB riding tour is a very exciting experience and lots of fun: bike, climb, hike, rope cave and explore on an excursion that's the perfect combination of beauty, scenery, and adventure.

Prepare to be dazzled by the staggering beauty of a glittering volcanic lake, lush forests, olive, chestnuts and nuts groves, fertile farmlands as we cycle around the lake with our MTB at the beginning.

Hike up the top of a mountain which was ancient volcano.

Rope cave the largest natural cavity of volcanic origin in Central Italy.

Spend the rest of the day at a wilderness resort, or enjoying kayaking, canoeing, hiking—and perhaps swimming..

Sample local food and wine at a local estate.

This is a great site for families or parties of friends who have varying skill levels.

Mountain-biking, caving  and a climbing, all at the same site!

We welcome families with children from 10ish y.o. and who are confident cyclists.

Your adventurous family can experience what it was like for those original explorers as you will climb, hike, rope caving (very easy and safe) and explore on an excursion that's the perfect combination of beauty, scenery, and adventure.

Younger riders or those less comfortable on two wheels are encouraged to take our Rome.