Visit the Capitoline Museums for free and its countless masterpieces and works of art through a virtual experience that goes beyond spatial limits, from computers, tablets and smartphones and also with additional media such as the special cardboard or VR viewers.

In this period marked by the global pandemic, virtual visits are a precious resource offering the opportunity for an immersive remote visit of a museum, but above all an incentive to never stop traveling and maybe to plan a real tour in person with an expert guide to get to know in detail the most important masterpieces and their stories and secrets.

The creation of the museum can be traced back to 1471, when Pope Sixtus IV donated to the city a collection of important bronzes from the Lateran. This makes it the oldest public museum in the world. The antiques collection was enriched over time with donations from various popes, later the collection has grown considerably, including not only artifacts of the Roman age notable for quantity and quality (statues, inscriptions, mosaics), but also pieces of medieval, Renaissance and baroque art.

By following the virtual tour you can visit a large part of the museum, perhaps leaving you the desire to return to visit it all and deepen with a real guided tour: