From 22nd November 2012 until 6th January 2013 a visit to Rome can be completed with an unforgettable experience that will get you completely absorbed in the atmosphere of Christmas in the Eternal City. We’re talking about the exhibition 100 Presepi: a journey through crafts, traditional art and spirituality.

The show is an exhibition of 100 Nativity Scenes born in 1976 and, by now, established as an international Christmas event. To the fascinating and evocative installations on the theme of the Nativity is dedicated a space of exception, that will make its effect: the Sale del Bramante, in the basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo, Piazza del Popolo. The three rooms that were the famous Renaissance architect’s studio.

The opening time to visit the exhibition 100 Presepi 2012-2013 ranges from 9.30 to 20.00, for the  whole duration of the exhibition. The cost of the full ticket is € 7.50. Over 65 ticket cost is € 6.50, while children under 10 years are charged € 5.50. For group visits (minimum 25 persons) there is a special ticket, but reservations is required.

The exhibition 100 Presepi 2012-2013 is one more reason to spend Christmas in Rome and discover this amazing city festively decorated.