Covid-tested flights are flights that have been authorised by the Ministry of Health by means of a special ordinance.

Italy offered Europe's first coronavirus-free corridor with the United States for passengers who have tested negative for COVID-19 since November 2020, scrapping the obligation for new arrivals to quarantine. As of today, April 2021 and til the end of June 2021, it is possible for airlines to operate "Covid-tested" flights on the following routes:

Passengers on these flights, following the protocol mentioned below, are authorised to enter and transit into the Italian national territory, without having to comply with the obligations of health surveillance and fiduciary isolation. The trial of the “Covid-tested" has been extended until June 30, 2021, , unless further extensions are granted. For further information on the actual operation of "Covid-tested" flights on the routes for which the trial is underway, please contact the airlines directly.

In the event of denied boarding on a "Covid-tested" flight, due to a positive result to COVID-19, the air carrier will refund the ticket or issue a voucher of equal amount at the passenger's request, within fourteen days from the date of withdrawal. The ticket will be valid for eighteen months from issue. 



Passengers on "Covid-tested" flights are required to:

  • hand in to the carrier and to whoever is in charge of carrying out the controls, upon boarding, a certification attesting to the negative result of the molecular test (RT PCR) or antigenic test, carried out by means of a swab, no later than 48 hours prior to boarding;
  • hand in to the carrier the declaration;
  • carry out a molecular (RT PCR) or antigenic swab test upon arrival at the destination airport;
  • complete the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) - digital dPLF to be shown before boarding;

The boarding procedure also requires that passengers fill in two copies of the following "Self-certification for passengers on Covid-tested flights from the USA." form. The first copy has to be delivered to the airline just before the departure and the second one has to be shown to the border police upon arrival at Fiumicino airport.

Failure to comply with only one of the above-mentioned requirements will result in the lapse of the exemption from the obligations of health surveillance and fiduciary isolation.

Compliance by the carrier

  • It is the responsibility of the carrier to check that the dPLF has been completed before allowing the passenger to board.
  • It is the carrier's responsibility to inform the passenger of the need to complete the dPLF before boarding, by sending the link by email a few days before boarding.

 What is the Passenger Locator Form (PLF)?

The Passenger Locator Form (also known as the Passenger Locator Card) is a form used to collect information on the travel itinerary to allow the relevant Health Authority to promptly contact the passenger if he or she is exposed to a contagious diffusive disease during air travel, ship (cruise/ferry), rail, bus or automobile. The PLF is an important public health tool useful for contact tracing on board of all means of transport that follow international routes and allows for the rapid implementation of the health measures necessary to protect the individual and the community. 

In case a family is traveling together, only one member of the family will have to complete the PLF. The details of the rest of the family members should then be included in this PLF.  The same applies to groups travelling together. Only one person from the group should complete the PLF and the details of the rest of the group members should then be included in this PLF. Note that this applies only to families and groups of people that will take part in the same activities and stay at the same place during their visit to the destination country. For any further information or questions related to the European dPLF system, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

How to fill out the Passenger Locator Form - dPLF

All passengers wishing to enter Italy via "Covid-tested" flights will be required to complete the PLF, prior to entering the country, following the instructions below:

  • connect to the website 
  • follow the guided procedure to access the dPLF
  • select Italy as destination country
  • register on the website by creating a personal account with username and password (it is necessary to do this only the first time)
  • fill out and send the dPLF following the guided procedure

Once the form has been sent, the passenger will receive at the e-mail address provided during registration, the dPLF in pdf and QRcode format that he/she will have to show directly from his/her smartphone during boarding. Alternatively, the passenger can print a copy of the dPLF to show at boarding.

The dPLF must be sent before boarding. However, the field relating to the seat number assigned on the flight can always be modified.

Only one dPLF needs to be completed per household.

Read more on the Eu dPLF web site