From April 6th 2021, passengers on Covid-Tested flights and anyone who wishes to do so, can undergo an antigen or molecular test at the airport at specially low rates, replacing the facilities managed by the National Health Service and without further burdening the general community.

 Two main test areas are currently active at the Fiumicino terminals. The first, measuring approximately  10.764 square feet (1,000 m2), located at Terminal 3 Arrivals, consists of 24 cabins, 18 dedicated to healthcare activities and 6 to administrative acceptance with a high degree of automation thanks to the presence of tablets for filling in the forms necessary to carry out the swabs. 

A second test area measuring  12.917 sq. Ft  (1,200 m2) with 32 cabins (20 healthcare and 12 administrative) is available at the landing areas directly connected to the aircraft.

In addition, there is also a drive-through for rapid Covid-19 antigen swab  located in the Long-Stay car park, which can be reached by a free shuttle bus service.  

 The Covid Test area in Terminal T3, which has been active since 16 August 2020, all departing and arriving passengers that can undergo a simple and rapid swab, whilst for travellers arriving on Covid-Tested flights, a dedicated area has been set up near the landing areas, coordinated by Spallanzani medical staff. For passengers from the United Kingdom, who are required to undergo a second test at the airport before reaching their self-isolation required by law, the swab will be free of charge. 

 This also offers an additional opportunity even to passengers who are not required to undergo a test, but who still want to check their health.The swab service at the airport provides a low-cost and one of the lowest on the market, amounting to €20 for antigen tests, obtaining the test result within just around half an hour. It will also be possible to undergo a molecular test at a cost of €69.88. In the latter case, the result of the swab will arrive directly by email or text message within 36 hours. 

Please Read all important information on Covid-tested flights.

Reservation System

At the Boarding area, from 00:00 until 16:00 every day, a rapid or molecular swab service can be provided for all passengers departing from or arriving at Fiumicino at especially low prices, thanks to an agreement signed between Aeroporti di Roma and Istituto Spallanzani:

• €20 for an antigen test, obtaining the test result within just half an hour;

• €69.88 for a molecular test. The swab result arrives directly by email or SMS within 36 hours.

Tests can be paid for at the airport by credit card, debit card,  ATM or directly by smartphone, using the contactless payment apps.

To access the service just make the online reservation at the following address:

It is mandatory for underage passengers to fill in the form in paper format, signed by the child's parent/guardian (departing passengers - arriving passengers).

In any case, the option still applies for all passengers who have not had the opportunity to fill out the online form, to do so in paper format at the entrance to the covid-19 test area.

Useful news

  • Health checks on all arriving and departing passengers are being carried out by health workers.
  • Bars and restaurants remain open to guarantee refreshment services for passengers passing through the airport; Commercial activities have temporarily reduced their operations. The airport has enhanced the supply of vending machines so that they are always adequately stocked and can guarantee an adequate service.
  • The Border Police is put into action so that there are no obstructions or groups of passengers struggling to complete the self-declaration forms.
  • Every day, from 24:00 to 03:00, the departure and arrival areas of Leonardo da Vinci International Airport will be closed to the public to allow for the necessary sanitisation of the areas.

I’d like to remind that all Passengers traveling on Covid-Tested flights must follow the following procedures:

Before departing from the USA, present a negative result of a molecular test (RT PCR) or rapid antigen test (RADT) carried out within 48 hours prior to the flight or at the airport, as well as perform a new antigen test upon arrival at Fiumicino; a double check that will exempt passengers from the self-isolation obligation upon entering Italy. 

Before departing from Fiumicino, present a certification proving a negative test result for Covid-19, through molecular test (RT PCR) or rapid antigen test (RADT), carried out within 48 hours prior to the flight, or perform the paid-for antigen test directly at the airport before boarding (the service operates from 06:00 to 12:00 at the boarding areas).

The boarding procedure also requires that passengers fill in two copies of the following "Self-certification for passengers on Covid-tested flights from the USA." form you can find in this page. The first copy has to be delivered to the airline just before the departure and the second one has to be shown to the border police upon arrival at Fiumicino airport.