PresepeVejano09picDuring Advent and the days immediatly after Christmas until the Epiphany you can't miss the spectacular representation of Christmas that involves the entire  medieval town of Vejano, (between Rome and Viterbo).

Here more than 350 people play out the Nativity, recostructing  not only the places and environments but also offering visitors "living pictures" in which the life of this farming and artisan community is depicted as it was in the past.

The living nativity scenes of Vejano (called presepe vivente in Italian), are extremely popular, and are rather elaborate affairs, which feature the classic nativity scene as well as scenes from Ancient Rome, along half mile winding medieval alleys, squares, houses and caves, complete with artisans in traditional costumes working at their particular trades.


These attract many visitors and will be held in the following three dates:

  • December 26th, 2016
  • January 1st,       2017
  • January 6th,      2017

From sunset (5.00 pm)