SIENA. Visit Siena, built on three steep hills and unchanged since Medieval times. It is a must-see attraction of Tuscany.

On a walking tour of his compact city you’ll see the major sites like the “Piazza del Campo”, where the famous Palio horse race take place every year. As well as exploring quiter back-streets to appreciate Siena’s complex and riche History. 



SAN GIMIGNANO. In San Gimignano, the famed medieval skyscrapers, high walls and narrow streets typify most peoples images of a Tuscan Hill town. Learn about the famous Guelph-Ghibelline conflict that insipired the local families to build their fortified towers and their forms of defence against their enemies, as well as the times of Black Plague when the population and power of San Gimignano was devastated.


MONTERIGGIONI. Visit Monteriggioni, a walled medieval fortress that sits on a low-lying hill surrounded by the pictorescque Tuscan countryside. Its medieval walls and fourteen square towers are still intact, and you’ll have timeto explore the narow alleyways and fortifications of this precious Tuscan hill town returning .