Experience the very best of Rome on this superb adventure. This full day private tour covers the most important sights in the historical center - from the Colosseum to the Pantheon, the Fountain of Trevi, the Roman Forum, the Spanish Steps plus the lively piazzas and cobbled streets that give Rome its character.
In just a day, you will experience Rome's history, art, culture, traditions, legends and myths.


We'll visit the city's spectacular ancient monuments:
- the Colosseum;
- the Roman Forum;
- Trajan Markets
- views of the Capitol and the Palatine Hill;
- the Imperial Fora;
- Ancient Roman Temples,
- Triumphal arches,
- Political buildings;
- Forum of Julius Cesar;
- Forum of Augustus;
- Forum of Nerva;
- Venice Square;
- Mussolini's Balconi;
- Wedding Cake Building";
- Venice Palace;
- Trajan Column;

After a lunch break we will take a leisure walk through the back streets of Rome to discover some of the world's most famous Renaissance and Baroque sites:

- the Pantheon (interior);
- the Fountain of Trevi;
- Piazza Navona;
- Marc Aurelius Column;
- the monumental Political District;
- the Fashion District;
- the Spanish Steps;
- Temple of Emperor Hadrian;
- the Foodie district;
- Renaissance and Baroque Palaces;
- A. Sordi Gallery (interior);
- along with many of the city's hidden treasures.


The tour can be customized upon request.