Rome by night is a completely different city. Enjoy being surrounded by a magical atmosphere by wandering through the piazzas, fountains, palaces and alleyways of the Renaissance and Baroque periods. All the best and most interesting places are admired in peace and relaxation, far from the crowds and traffic of the day.

This itinerary offers the opportunity to see Rome by night in a romantic setting full of splendor and marvel over moonlite views of the City's Highlights after the tour groups and visitors have gone home.

The tour will cover:
- Trevi Fountain - The most majestic and monumental of the Roman fountains,
- Spanish Steps - Barcaccia's Fountain and, the most beautiful stairway in Europe.
- Rome's Haute Couture Disctrict;
- Piazza Colonna - The seat of the Italian Government, and Column of Marcus Aurelius
- Palazzo Madama - Today the seat of the Italian Senat;
- The magnificent remains of the Temple of Hadrian;
- Venice Square with the imposing Victorian monument, finished only in 1911 and one of the city's symbols since then;
- The Pantheon - One of most influential masterpiece of Roman architecture in world.
- Piazza Navona, This is one of the most beautiful piazza in all of Rome. Built on top of an ancient Stadium and known for its Fountain of the Rivers by Bernini and Borromini's church of Sant'Agnese in Agone.

Duration: 2 hours

Other itineraries for Night Walking tours or Night Tour with a chauffered vehicle are available upone request.